As we lamented our 9-5 jobs, the post-pandemic world made us sign up for a 24/7 work because why not, you’re anyway in the comfort of your bedroom, right?

Arjun from ZNMD fixed it into our heads that in order to make big bucks, being a workaholic should be your #1 trait. But hey, not having a life IS NOT FUNNY. 

We came across a Reddit post where individuals discussed their experiences with doing a low-effort job while making lots of money and honestly we’re reconsidering our jobs right now 

1. “I once had a job at a dog kennel and my job was to sleep In a bedroom with a dog or two, provided a comfy bed & Netflix/wifi. I was getting paid $30/hr to basically cuddle with dogs.”

2. “I worked as a massage “model” at a massage school. My job was to lay there and be massaged for a few hours while the students did their lessons or took their exams. It was £30 an hour which isn’t loads, but better than the £10 an hour office job I had before.”

3. “My next-door neighbor works in a power station. His job is to sit in front of a monitor and make sure everything is working well. If something goes wrong, he calls the appropriate workstation and they fix the problem. Because an alarm sounds if something is out of sync (which rarely happens) he is able to play games or read a book 99% of the time. He is on $150 per hour to basically play games and chill at work.’


4. “In college I had to catalogue and convert old radio shows. I was literally paid to listen to old comedy shows. The actual ‘work’ was loading the reels and pressing a button.”

5. “I work at a heliport where I just get a couple of passengers’ bags, put them on the heli, and then go and sit on my phone for however many hours until the heli gets back. Rinse and repeat. Roughly $70k.”


6. “If you can create the right software as a service business, it’s basically free money. I licensed out a software I wrote to 2 large franchises and basically get paid $15K a month to stay home and ensure it’s running 24/7.”


7. “Vanna White’s job on Wheel of Fortune. She gets paid $4 million a year walking back and forth in an area of 20 feet.”

8. “I do admin work for the Government. My pay is 55K. At best I get 5 emails a day with about 2 that actually concerns me. No B.S; my phone has rung about 20 times since June 1st. On a super busy day, I have about 45 mins worth of work to do.”


9. “Business Intelligence/ Data analyst. Do you know how to use excel, can you write basically SQL, are you able to express yourself clearly and deal with getting variations of the same 10 questions for the rest of your career? Congrats welcome to making 100k.”

10. “I had a job like this. I got paid $28 an hour working as an administrative assistant in a high school. It takes like 15 minutes to input grades and send truancy letters. Answering phone calls always resort to just transferring them to the Principal or school nurse. Literally, nothing to do. I left the job because there’s no work in the summer (school is closed) and honestly, the environment was toxic. When you have that much free time at work, people want to start talking about their personal lives and I don’t like to talk about mine to my toxic co workers. So I left. This job was the definition of money doesn’t buy happiness.”


11. “Trash truck drivers, it’s a fairly simple job with a higher salary than being a teacher.”

12. “As a closed captioner broadcaster for the News, I work from home. I set my own hours and earn anything from $50 to $70 per hour, depending on the assignment. It takes a lot of money to get started, but the payoff is well worth it.”


13. “In our country: A forklift driver. Usually gets as much money as a person in middle management.”


14. “Owning a parking lot.”


5. “Truck Driver. Seriously, look into it. There is a huge demand for truck drivers right now, and I’m not talking the Amazon delivery guys. You can even get a local route and work regular work hours and make a lot of money for having the skill of driving.”

16. “Driving the massive dump trucks that serve mines. Starting salary is like 70k and all you do is drive back and forth all day.”


17. “School board members. Don’t know about other places, but school board members at my school (public school) made well over 5k eur a month (well above the average). All the board ever did was create sh**ty rules and then remove them. They always acted so damn busy when everyone knew they drank coffee while surfing Facebook the entire day, a school member’s husband even said that so you know it’s true.”

18. “Cop. Where I am from they make $100, 000 annually with very little crime. Money is divested into new toys, like helicopters, tanks, even robots. Southcentral L.A. it is not.”

19. “I have some relatives that work for the (US) Federal Government that often talk about jobs where they work in areas like Accounting and Project Management that make over $100,000 and might on a busy day have as much as two hours of actual work. My Aunt was talking about this one older women near retirement that made over $120,000 a year and her only job was running some transactions every morning, which usually took no more than 20 minutes, then she would spend the rest of the day knitting at her desk.” 
– Dervrak


Which of the above jobs did absolutely blow your mind? Let us know your thoughts below!