The weirdest thing that a lot of us have done and told someone is, picking something off the floor and eating it. Five-second-rule, no? But, there are also times when strangers or even people that we know tell us secrets, that are too weird to share with someone else, and too big a deal to keep it to ourselves. Well, life never gets easy.

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And, some Redditors shared the weirdest things that someone told them in confidence – which are now out for the world to know.

1. “A guy at work flat out told me that he was a pedophile. He’s a disgusting pervert and I hate him for the way he talks about adult women alone, but when he started saying disgusting things about underage girls, that solidified my hatred for him.”


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2. “I sold cars. People told me all sorts of things. The one I remember is, a guy told me that he was impotent. Why tell me?


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3. “That they think Satan has been possessing them every once in a while, and then said that they had ‘main character energy’.”


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4. “They had demons in their heating vents. True story.”


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5. “That they were a snake. Asked me if I was a snake, too.”


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6. “That they lost a tampon inside themselves weeks earlier and if I could help them “look” for it.”


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7. “This guy I bought weed from and hung out with told me that he had planned on murdering someone, the upcoming Saturday, but now it was going to rain and that would interfere with his plans of disposing the body. Explained his motives and everything.”


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8. “I guess that would be my dad telling me he should have paid someone to kill my mum when he had the chance to. 😶”


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9. “How violently they wanted to hurt one of their friends, they told me not to tell anyone and I honestly wish they hadn’t told me in the first place.”


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10. “This woman told me she made out with a girl, a week before marrying her husband. But her husband wasn’t allowed to talk to a woman without her permission.”


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Yeah, we said, they are weird things.