Having Psychology as a subject in my course intrigued me to know more about unconscious mind. 

Despite being frustrated by people asking me, ‘okay, since you learn psychology, tell me what am I thinking right now?’, I really wanted to learn how I can psychologically influence someone and make them do things I want them to (oops, am I exposed?)

I mean, human mind might be deep to comprehend but that doesn’t mean it can’t be shaped with some clever hacks (winks)

Recently, a Reddit user asked everyone to share the psychological tricks that blew their mind when they first heard them. Keep reading, we’re sure you’re gonna use them too!

1. “If someone makes a derogatory joke about you in a group setting, play dumb and ask them to explain. It’s not funny the second time and they will look like an AH.”

2. “A colleague taught me a brilliant trick to get a kid to calm down when they were angry: Look them calmly in the eye and say “what do you want to happen next?” Most of the time they were so caught up in emotion they hadn’t thought about the consequences of their dickery. As soon as you prod them to think about consequences, most of them would calm down straight away.”

3. “Minimizing. If you feel like something is a really big chore or you just can’t get yourself to get up and go do something, minimize it to a small insignificant part. Instead of doing all the garden work, say you’re just going to take the tools out so when you want to work you can. 90% of the time once you’re up and doing the small thing, the big bad chore doesn’t seem so bad now and you end up doing it.”

4. “At a garage sale, my father wanted $5 for a desk. It sat all day. Eventually, he wrote $10, and $20 above the $5 and crossed them out making it look like he’d dropped the price twice. It was gone in under 30 minutes.”

5. “If you don’t look a toddler in the eyes after it falls or hurts itself and just act like all is fine, there’s a good chance they won’t cry”

6. “By walking with your head and eyes forward like you’re deliberately going somewhere, people will move out of your way. I first tried this in a crowed mall when I was 14 and was blown away. I felt so powerful at 14 lol.”
– KidOmen


7. “Stop talking. If you want to get more information out of someone, just let them speak. There are times in a conversation that things stop. Most people want to fill this themselves, but don’t. Let the other person do it. This is especially useful if you think the person and their story is full of shit.”


8. “I tend to procrastinate. A lot. I’ve given myself this rule where I will internally count down from whatever number and when I hit zero I have to do the thing or else. Example: In the shower, depressed, letting the water run over me. I don’t wanna get out but I’m wasting water. Begin counting down from 30. 29. 28. 27… 3. 2.. 1. Put hand on dial and turn it off without any thought. The only thought is “zero”.  I do this for lots of things.”

9. “People who feel guilty will over explain to justify their actions.”

10. “If you find yourself overthinking, stare at a fixated point. To fetch memories, your eyes need to move. So if you’re staring at a singular point, it’s very difficult to overthink.”

11. “If a toddler does something to get your attention, do the same. Once my nephew dropped on the floor and started having a tantrum by shouting and kicking. I did the same. He looked at me shocked and confused, got up and walked away lol.”

12. “If you look and sound like you know what you are doing, odds are a fair amount of people will think you know what you are doing. Even if you don’t.”

13. “You know how small yappy dogs and tiny mice running around are terrifying despite us logically being much larger? Well in Kendo there is the “disarming scream” where you run at your opponent with a loud scream. When I’ve attempted doing my kendo practice, despite warning the person of what I’m about to do they inevitably drop the sword and can’t take it. I’ve used this trick even without my old bamboo practice sword. I.e. I ran at a violent mugger who was beating a young student. I’m a small woman but the guy still ran off. I’ve also used this trick to literally throw a guy more than twice my size (don’t recommend unless you know how to do a judo throw) So basically, if you don’t have an alternative, loud scream coinciding with running at your opponent works very well at disarming someone.”

14. “Smile as soon as you first see people (you want to like you) as you greet them, like hey buddy how you doin ?! And look genuinely happy to see them… don’t matter whether its girls, guys, young, old.. till make them excited to see you like every time I don’t get it but there’s psychology to it and it actually changed my life.”

15. “Working as a waitress, if I noticed a customer was getting particularly impatient and it looked like they were going to be rude to me when I went over, when I would take the food over and before they got the chance to speak I’d say something like ‘So sorry for the wait, thanks for being so lovely about it!’ It seemed to catch them off guard and paint them as the ‘nice guy’ in my eyes, and more often than not their expression would change from pissed off to surprised, then they’d say something like ‘oh no problem it’s okay’ so they could keep being the nice guy and feel good about themselves and I avoid a chewing out.”

16. “Talking myself to sleep. I’ll think things like, “my bed is sooooo comfortable. Sleeping is soooo easy. I love sleeping. Sleeping is great.” Instead of agonizing over why I can’t sleep. Positively reinforcing myself is my new lullaby lmao.”

17. “A therapist told me that anger is a secondary emotion and should be treated like a traffic light, you should stop at yellow before jumping to red. Ask yourself what was the first thing come to your mind triggered you is it being ignored, feeling trapped, unheard, insecure etc… Because your first thought is what you actually feel your anger comes last. I’m a calm natured person rarely get angry, this advice helped me to identify my weaknesses and anxiety. You can apply this to any emotion not just anger.”

18. “I learned the Wally Reflector at a young age. It’s very simple. If someone tries to pawn their work off on you, ask them to do something for you first related to said task. 9 times out of 10 they’ll leave and try to find someone else. “Hey can you finish this report for me? I’m going on vacation and want to leave a little early to beat traffic to the airport.” “Sure, I’d love to help! But, could you possibly send me a quick email with a bullet point list of what needs to be in the report, just so I don’t miss anything?” “Uhhhh, on second thought…”

19. “Don’t know what to say but want to keep the conversation going? Repeat the last phrase of the last thing the person said as a question. Eg: As a question? Yes. As a question. Raise your voice so it’s clear that you want them to go on.”
– aciddd123 

20. “Give young kids the illusion they are making a decision to do something that you really want them to do. Kid won’t eat their carrots and wants dessert now? You say to them do you want to eat your carrots first and then dessert? Or would you like to save your dessert for tomorrow and eat your carrots now?”


21. “Whenever my toddler refuses to do something, I start doing it. Then they get all angry cause they wanna do it. Idiots.”

22. “Nod and agree and move the fuck on. 
If someone with a strong/difficult personality is demanding you do/try ____, (and you don’t want to but know they’ll argue) just agree and move the fuck on. No reason to argue lol makes it so much more simple. I.e.: Barb: You really need to use this brand of diapers. They’re the best. I’ve had 22 kids.
Me: Oh awesome thanks for the tip! End of story. They never ask again, they just want to talk. To put their input in ANYTHING lol.”

23. “You can give a person talking on their phone an object and they will most likely take it because they are focused on the call. I regularly hand people empty plates, most of the time they just keep talking and don’t notice what I’m doing.”

24. “Whenever I’m feeling nervous or anxious about something I just tell myself how excited I am to do it and trick myself into actually calming down. Works well for presentations.”

Radu Florin

25. “Cunningham’s Law, the best way to get an answer on the internet is to post the question with a misspelling, anal people will be drawn to correct and mock you and one will invariably have the answer you’re looking for.”

26. “When you want/need something from someone, ask them for help with it. Rather than ‘hey can you do this for me?’, say ‘hey can you help me with this?’ People are more inclined to be helpful than to just take on the task for you.”

27. “If you want someone to like you, ask them questions about themselves.”

28. “If you want someone to be nicer to you, compliment them behind their back. If they find out they’ll perceive you as nicer as most people say bad things behind other’s backs. Either way if they act shitty towards you they seem like the bad guy, and because its behind their back it doesn’t look like ass-kissing.”

Never came across better hacks.