Ever wondered why some things make you feel uneasy in India, even though you are doing nothing wrong? Well, this Quora thread perfectly summed up the things that feel illegal in this country, but are most definitely not. 

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Not getting married, and living alone! Having hookups or live-in relationships! If both involved are okay with no strings attached, then why do people who are not related to them, have a weird disgust towards them ?

                    - Himadri Pragya

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Calling a teacher by their first name.

                    - Pradeep Madgaonkar

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Love marriage. We are not allowed to choose our partner. If we like someone, we are characterless. Society is more important, the society who only criticise others. Answering such society is more important than happiness of children.

                    - Gurmeet Bishnoi

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Opening a drink at the store and drinking it before you eventually pay for it at the register.

                    - Pradeep Madgaonkar

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Taking many napkins from a cafe or restaurant and pocketing them to use as tissues.

                    - Pradeep Madgaonkar

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Turning the light on inside the car when you're driving.

                    - Pradeep Madgaonkar

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Expecting an apology from elders.

                    - Akshay Patil

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If you are doing something for free, then you are good and if you charge for the same, then you are bad.

                    - Abhishek

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Hugging your friend in the Metro. 

                    - Hritik Taletiya

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NOT HAVING A SON. Some people are obsessed with sons. In process of getting a boy, they are having tons of children. And that's why India's population sucks.

                    - Shrasti Sahu

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Talking to your girlfriend in park is completely legal but seems illegal by this communities who're trying to restore the fake essence of our culture. This is new India and it's absolutely fine to talk, walk, eat, play with your girlfriend before marriage.

                    - Shivendra Pandey

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Receiving calls in front of your parents.

                    - Hritik Taletiya

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Doing intercaste or inter religion marriage is legal but it will feel like illegal.

                    - Rahul

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Buying condoms. 

                    - Raj Kumar

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Having sex before marriage is not only considered illegal but also a sin in many major societies of India, It's completely legal. If you go to hotels with your gf that's perfectly legal but considered illegal.

                    - Shivendra Pandey

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Going OYO/HOTEL with your girlfriend it's totally legal if you are above 18 but in India it's feels like a you are going to do a crime, a murder.

                    - Ayush Prakhar

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Having an opposite gender best friend (people will come up with their shitty concept- ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nhi ho sakte).

                    - Simran Kaur Khanuja

Consulting a psychiatrist. 

                    - Hritik Taletiya

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Being a feminist. People, especially on the internet, have such skewed misconceptions and misinterpretations regarding the whole subject.

                    - Anshika Singh

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Having a simple marriage with few guests. Yes, even though it's perfectly legal it feels illegal in India. So many people get angry over not being invited.

                    - A Jaggi

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