When it comes to corporate culture, I think we can all now, finally, and unanimously agree that it’s one of the most flawed creations of capitalism. The world may like sh*tting on Gen Z for switching jobs frequently, and treating their day jobs almost like sources of passive income, but the truth is that they’ve just realised that corporate jobs aren’t all that great, they have their drawbacks!

In fact, now that we think about it, a corporate job can often resemble a toxic relationship. It’s just as hard to leave behind and TBH, it’s because sometimes, we kinda like it (despite how much of a pain in the neck it is). I know, I know -sad. Well, here’s why corporate culture reminds us of that toxic relationship. Take a look:

1. It’s always take, take, take

You’re hardly ever nurtured, given to. In fact, you face resistance about reciprocal effort and being valued.

2. The gaslighting never ends

You didn’t get the appraisal that you knew you deserved, you didn’t get the promotion you worked for just like you didn’t get that conversation that solidified your relationship – all the same right? And to top it all off, you’re given false hope that it’ll happen, eventually.

3. You feel unappreciated

If you’ve ever felt unseen, ignored and neglected at a job, then you’d know it feels almost like that relationship you were never acknowledged in.

4. Your efforts are rewarded with complains and more work load

The thing about toxic exes and workplaces is that your efforts to either mend the relationship or simply sustain it are met with zero efforts from their end. And not only that, but the expectations for you to meet their needs and requirements only keep going up. So you’re left absolutely burnt out.

5. You’re the only one trying to communicate

If you’ve ever experienced corporate culture, especially its toxic side, then you can probably relate to trying to get your point across but being met with so much resistance, that you end up giving up.

6. There is a total lack of compassion

Almost none of your needs are being met. You’re left wondering why your requirements seem like they’re so out of reach or even, unreasonable.

7. You’re taken for granted

What you have to offer is hardly ever appreciated and valued properly. They’d (the job and your toxic ex) only realise what you brought to the table after you left.

8. Over time you’ve realised that you’re being played

At your job, it may have taken you 4-5 months to realise that you’re being exploited, in your toxic relationship it may have taken you much longer. But thankfully, in both these situations you had the courage to face the music.

9. The perks don’t seem all that enticing anymore

Even if there was a plus side to dating that ex, or even if you got mad discounts from working at that job, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it was harming your mental health. So, don’t be surprised if over-time you begin to stop caring about the perks a job is offering you.

10. You couldn’t recognise who you became

After working at a job that is toxic, in fact, being involved with anything that’s toxic, for too long, will only take you further away from yourself. So, it’s quite possible that you no longer feel much like yourself after working at that corporate job that just isn’t the right fit for you.

A tale of a toxic relationship that we’ve all had to struggle to let go of.