If you think that all singles know to do is rant about being single or wish to have that ‘someone special’ in their lives then you’re wrong. 

Although the idea of falling in love unarguably fascinates every living creature on this planet, the feeling of being single is absolutely liberating too. 

To back our argument, we recently stumbled upon a Reddit thread where singles reveal why they love the phase of not being in a relationship and you’ve got to admit, they have a point. 

1. “Christmas is coming and I have no stress and it’s not expensive.”

2. “I can do whatever I want, whenever I want without checking in with anyone.”

3. “A lot of people I know who’ve ruined their lives did so over a lover. Whether trying to get one, keep them, or fighting someone else over them, relationships can be very dangerous if you’re too emotionally immature.”

4. “The only things stressing me are my own stressors. I don’t have to help support someone else through theirs.”

– 01kaj10

5.  “It’s a part of my brain that goes into hyperdrive when I’m with someone I like. It’s not even conscious most of the time, but it can be exhausting.”

6. “I can sleep in the middle of the bed with the fan on if I want. I can also leave something on the table and come back two weeks later and it is still there.”

7. “Midnight flatulence without a care.”

8. “No longer being forced to hangout with their friends.”

9. “I don’t have to live in anxiety 24/7.”

10. “When I’ve been in a relationship, I always felt like I needed to check my phone 24/7. I like being able to just chill and play videogames, watch a movie, hang with friends without checking my phone consistently.”

– RealECW

11. “Learned to love myself without needing anyone else’s words of affirmation after being single for the first time in a few years.”

– FinalTourist   

12. “I’m learning to navigate the world through the lens of my own needs and desires without worrying how I’m being perceived by a partner.”

– [deleted]

13. “Because I’d rather be single than be with someone who doesn’t appreciate my love and affection.”

– [deleted]

14. “My apartment is clean and neat and most importantly, 95% empty.”

15. “No longer feel like I’m dragging a dead body behind me through life.”

16. “No one can cheat on/ abuse me.”

17. “I don’t want to take into account someone else’s wants and needs when making life decisions. I just graduated from college during Covid and I’m so lost so I don’t want to have a partner until I’m less lost.”

18. “If I feel like reorganizing or redecorating my apartment, I can.”

19. “Not having to argue to exist in the ways you do because their insecurities and lack of self worth smother your joy.”

20. “Parents not judging.”

– aper0l

You can tell us your reason to love being single or wait… are you dating someone?