Bengaluru has a whole another ‘personality‘ in the country, it’s like the weirdest thing happen in the city, and we’re so used to them that it’s treated like just another day. And, in ‘things that only happen at Bengaluru’, now, we have potholes in the city that are named.

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A Twitter user, Nimo Tai, shared a screenshot where a pothole was landmarked and named on Google. Like that wasn’t surprising enough, people have also left reviews. Who’d have thought that we’d be reviewing potholes? The internet can sure be a funny place. However, it does seem like a great way to highlight issues that aren’t talked about.

This pothole is now apparently called the Abizer’s pothole, ‘a historical landmark in the city’. And there are some really interesting reviews for the “landmark”, people have actually taken it seriously and put all of their storytelling skills here.

Oh, and there are more such potholes. Of course, Twitter is playing along.

These are weird times.