The rich people do things differently. It doesn’t always have to be showing off their wealth. At times, there are little things that others notice about them that signal how rich they are.

Someone asked redditors, What small thing screams “I’m rich”? and people shared some really subtle things the rich do/say that show that they are filthy rich.

1. ” This guy I met at the airport spent $800 on a first class ticket just so I could sit by him. When I told him he didn’t need to spend that kind of money on me, he explained that that “kind of money” literally meant nothing to him, he was enjoying our conversation and wanted it to continue. So I sat in first class, enjoying all the perks that brings, and talked to this guy about life for the next three hours.” –  throwawayspank1017


2. Not noticing you haven’t been paid in two months. I work with some people that pull in 20k+ a month. We had one come in mid March and said “I don’t think I’ve been paid since December”. He wasn’t even mad and just kind of mentioned it like he was talking about the weather. – Graphics_Nerd

3. “I worked at a gas station in the 90s when Steve Wozniak would come in to get gas. He dressed in shorts a t-shirt and flip flops and drove a $120K car.” – deadmanwalking74

4. “I know a man who’s the kind of rich where it took him only a day or two to convert more than a million dollars to cash. He drives a rather beat-up old Subaru, when he’s not riding his bicycle instead. He wears jeans and polo shirts. He’s lived in the same house for 50-ish years. The only real tell is the air of total chill he has.” – Otherwise_Window

5. “They will never complain about the cost of something but will nit-pik the quality of work to death.” –  weaselpoopcoffee

6. “I don’t know if this is “small” but Steve Jobs never had a license plate on his car. He’d always lease for five months and 29 days, because in California you have to get a license plate within 6 months. His assistant would drop off his lease and pick up a new one. I used to live in the Bay Area and saw him leave Apple and head straight into the carpool lane at full speed. He never cared about getting ticketed.” – Taney34

The Atlantic

7. “Not checking the price before making a purchase.” – Dabrigstar

8. “Went on a hike/bike/kayak tour of the Sipan islands and my wife and I got to know this slightly older couple that was with us. What screamed “rich” to me were the little things. Dude’s watch was super high end, their equipment was top notch and their custom bikes were easily 5K each. Turns out they are both lawyers making oodles of money and travel when they get good deals.” – __Sentient_Fedora__ 


9. “A rich kid at university once asked me with a straight face why I was working over the summer instead of going abroad to have a break.” –  Loose_Armadillo_3032

10. “Not knowing how much basic things cost. When you’re living paycheck to paycheck you know exactly how much you’re going to need to buy groceries or pay bills. Rich people have everything on autopay, because they always have money.” –  jenipants21


11. “Not having a case on your phone.” –  saintmaggie

12. “A low key normal looking 50k watch. You go to the market and see someone dressed comfortably in sweats and a t-shirt and then see a patek Philippe on his wrist.” – fr0ntsight


13. “Very expensive clothes that look cheap AF.” –  jellyculture

14. “They don’t know the cost of basic goods — like having no clue what a gallon of milk should cost.” – SturgeonBass


15. “I had a friend at university about 25 years ago who I’d assumed was from a similar background to my other friends and mine — middle class. The only thing that gave him away eventually was when I saw a letter he had written to his parents. In addressing the envelope, he had only needed to put the name of his house and the county it was in. No other details required. Turned out, his parents basically owned most of that county, and he was a viscount.” – itisee899

16. “Perfect skin and good teeth. Rich people can afford to go to doctors and medical professionals for their appearance.” – VapoursAndSpleen


Do you feel there are more, you have seen or experienced? Share them with us below.