Weird things keep happening in this world, and usually it’s best not to look for explanation – because then it’s just a rabbit hole. Imagine being robbed, only to be left with an explanation from the person who robbed you – that’s the conundrum none of us need in life. This time, a thief who stole a laptop, contacted the owner of the same laptop apologizing him for doing it.

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A Twitter user shared the screenshot of the apology mail that he received from the person who stole his laptop. He used the owner’s email account to email him the apology, and well, that’s just smart. The thief also added that he saw the research proposal that the laptop’s owner was working on, and even attached it with the email. Who says there’s no empathy left?

According to this screenshot and the email, the person who stole the laptop needed the money – and just like the owner, we have mixed feelings too. However, after taking advice from the internet, the Twitter user tried buying his laptop back, and let’s just say it didn’t end well. Just when we thought that this story couldn’t get more flair, the owner got robbed by the same person, yet again.

Clearly, one mustn’t take advice on the internet.

Twitter definitely has a lot to say.

This is just too much information to process on a Tuesday morning.