There are many occasions in life that make you think, “How I wish someone had told me how to act in this situation”. Well, here are 30 such situations and what to do when you find yourself stuck in them. These are bits of advices from people who learned their lessons late in life and I think it would be a good idea to learn from them. Here you go.

1. This one is almost always learned the hard way. Sadly.

2. Can’t emphasise this enough.

3. Be kind, be gentle. Life is short.

4. The moment you spot a red flag, talk about it. If the problem remains, leave.

5. Don’t give explanations when explanations aren’t needed.

6. As they say, “Friends are the family we choose”.

7. Even if you don’t believe in karma, be good because it’s the right thing to do.

8. Someone is going to pay for your mistake. It can be you but need not be.

9. I wish someone had told this to me when I was younger.

10. You will either get what you need or you won’t. Either way, you’ll know what to ask for and from whom.

11. It is understandable that someone is bad at parenting, the denial, however, is not.

12. You’re not a loser because you’re not sipping a cocktail on a beach.

13. Let people know that they are cherished, as often as you can.

14. They won’t teach these to you in school. Learn them anyway.

15. There are some things that are not worth trying, there are experiences not worth having.

16. You apologize even though you didn’t need to and suddenly a mistake becomes yours when it wasn’t.

17. Life is unfair at times, but all the good work and the hard work adds up.

18. So just be yourself.

19. Word.

20. We are all learning.

21. Especially in times like these.

22. Don’t let people walk over you.

23. It’s the most important day of your life, do what you want to, not what others want you to.

24. You can bang your head against a wall and some people still won’t understand what you’re trying to say. Best to walk out.

25. You don’t have to make things intentionally difficult for them to count.

26. Drink water, get those vitamins.

27. If you are lucky enough to spot a red flag, end things.

28. Never forget.

29. Remove yourself from such toxic situations.

30. Well…

The more you learn.