You might have had to leave home after you completed school to get into a good college, or after college when you had to find a well-paying job, and when visiting home for one week in a year, chances are you would have felt like a guest at your own home. But things change when you go back to live at home after living away for a long time. Here are a few things you will relate to when you go back home. 

1. Earlier you felt like a guest, now you’re a part of the family

You only had a few days’ leaves when you went home earlier, and so were given special treatment. Your parents cooked your favourite meals for the entire week, and everyone did as you wanted. But when you go to live at home again, you have to eat what is cooked and even have to go to buy dhaniya-pudina although you don’t know the difference – you feel like a family member again. 

2. A lot of the things have changed and yet not much has changed

It’s a surreal feeling. You see new buildings pop up and can’t even remember what used to be there before. You see newly renovated homes in your locality and reminisce about the old view. Although everything seems to have changed yet the feeling you used to have earlier hasn’t, and you feel like nothing much has changed.

3. Your younger siblings are now adults 

You left and they were these little kids who looked up to you and came to you with their problems. Although they are still the same in your head and you want to treat them the same way, you realise that they have now grown into adults who might not need you as much.

4. The favourite dishes were for only for the initial days

…and now you’re back to tori and tinde for lunch. And you actually can’t complain, because these things make you feel more at home. 

And the next time you go to sabjiwale bhaiya, you are like – 


5. Your parents have grown old

You knew they are getting older, but it’s only when you go and live with them for longer than a week you actually realise that they have grown old. This comes with the guilt of not being there for them, but now that you are, you should make good use of it.

6. The food at your favourite joints still tastes as amazing

Remember the pani puri stall you went to after coaching? Or the place from where your dad used to bring samosas after office? They still taste as amazing as before. You don’t just get to eat delicious food, you get nostalgic as well.

7. The school ke bahar wali kulfi beats every expensive ice cream you ever ate

There’s something about school ke bahar wali kulfi that no other ice cream, no matter how expensive, can ever come close to. When you visit your old school it’s an amazing feeling, but when you eat the delicacies outside your school, it’s an even better feeling. 


8. The peace that our home gives us is unmatched

You might have travelled to mountains in different countries, but the peace that our home gives us is impossible to find anywhere else. 

9. You don’t want to leave ever again

Leaving home might have been a necessity after school or college and you might not have had another option before, but once you go back home you don’t want to leave ever again.

Until your family starts getting on your nerves and you’re like – 


But even that fades in a jiffy and you are just glad to be home.

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