If you have acted upon something after listening to your gut and then you realised you made the right decision, then this is for you. Let’s imagine a scenario that a lot of women must have experienced in their lives. You are meeting a man on a date for the first time. He offers to share the cab with you after your date ends on a positive note. He hasn’t sent any wrong signals and is being completely chivalrous with you. However, your gut is screaming hard, ‘No dudeeeeee! Don’t. Stay away from this man’. You end up rejecting his offer. Rightfully so, as later you come to know that the guy was dangerous AF. (take any XYZ reasons). And then you pat your back and be like, ‘Thank God, I listened to my gut at the right time.’

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Just like that many people keep on experiencing incidents where their gut turns out to be a saver. This Reddit thread is all about that.

A Reddit user, u/CommanderDinosaur, put up a question on the platform asking, “When did a gut feeling save your life?”

Other Redditors narrated their personal experiences of listening to their gut feeling at the right time. Some of them will send chills down your spine. Let’s check them out:

1. When a pregnant woman had a headache at grocery store and visited emergency room at the right time before her delivery

“Almost 8 months pregnant, normal, complication free pregnancy. Walking through the grocery store I had a twinge of a headache. Told my husband we needed to go home. At home I took a shower and relaxed a bit, but got an urgent “impending doom” feeling. Still just a tiny headache, not even enough for a Tylenol. Packed my toddlers diaper bag and requested we go to urgent care. The whole ride there I felt fine, wondering what I was even going to tell them at check in. But that “you’re not okay” feeling was still looming. We pulled in, I carried my sleeping two year old inside and basically said, “I’m pregnant and something isn’t right.” My blood pressure was 256/148. I had a seizure 7 minutes after getting in the room. If I had told my husband to drive past and go to the ER, we would have been stuck in traffic, as a truck had rolled over. If I hadn’t left the grocery store or my house when I did, there was a chance I wouldn’t have made it. We got a ride to the hospital when I was stable, I was induced at 35ish weeks, and my son was born perfectly fine, albeit small. I stayed on blood pressure meds for 8 days before it went back to normal (sic).”- u/RaisingWild

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2. When a work addict visited emergency room after experiencing shortness of breath and found out about his blood clot diagnosis.

“Three years ago I was planning a major fundraising event. I was working ridiculous hours trying to make sure everything was going to run smoothly. I had worst case scenarios planned out like a crazy person. One day I was climbing the stairs after getting home rather late when I became unnaturally short of breath. As I sat on my bed my breathing returned to normal. My face became hot with what I can only assume is what’s considered a hot-flash in older women. I started to tingle with fear. I don’t know how to explain it exactly. It was like I could feel electricity in the air warning me something was wrong. I immediately packed my laptop, paperwork, extra clothing, toothbrush, and so on, and I slowly walked down the stairs to my car driving myself to the ER. As soon as I got through the doors I collapsed, unable to breathe. I don’t recall everything that happened right after, but what I do recall was being in the hospital for 8 days because both of my lungs were littered with blood clots. I had gotten a blood clot in my lower left calf from sitting & working too many hours on the event. It broke loose and spread throughout my lungs (the Doctor said it looked like my lungs were filled with popcorn). Had I not driven myself to the hospital when I did, the nurse said I would have died. I will NEVER ignore shortness of breath again, and I WILL trust myself when I KNOW something is wrong (sic).”-u/coverredditaddict

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3. When a fresher didn’t board the ride offered by her male college mate and later found out that he raped two women.

“I was a young, naïve freshman in college and had basically no experience talking to boys. This guy had sat next to me for My whole 2 hour psych lecture and casually talked to me the whole time. Just little comments about the lecture, showing me things on his laptop. Innocent stuff. When lecture ended and we got outside it was POURING. Like, to this day I’ve seen rain like that maybe twice in my life. Rain that would physically HURT to walk in. He offered me a ride and I said yes, but as he was pulling the car up I thought to myself “don’t get in” and took off running to my dorm. Saw him on the news a few months later for raping two women (sic).”- u/fiestiier

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4. When a guy visited hospital at 2 am after vomiting blood and later had a liver transplant.

“Was very ill, woke up to vomit and made it to the sink. Thought about rinsing it and go back to bed, but felt like I should turn the light on. Did, and it was full of blood. If I’d gone back to bed I would’ve bled to death in my sleep. I got a fun ride to the hospital at 2am. Luckily that bleed finally got me onto the transplant list. And 2 years later I got my nice pre owned piece of liver. September 30th will be my 8th liverversary! Yay (sic)!”- u/Utkarshg9

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5. When a working professional saved himself from being hit by another car by slowing down his speed during green light signal.

“I was on my way to work once and as the light turned green and I was about to go through, felt something tell me to wait so I slowed a bit and I as did a car zoomed through the red light of that intersection. I’m sure if I just went through I would have been hit (sic).”- u/bananasareappealing

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6. When a man at the bar saved his life from not being at the spot, where a bridge that he would usually cross, had collapsed.

“My dad’s story: My dad was probably in his twenties (he’s in his 50’s now), he was at the bar drinking with his friends and they were all getting ready to leave. But something told my dad stay for another drink, so he did. Well later that night traveling home he found out the bridge he usually crosses to get home collapsed around the same time he would’ve originally been crossing it (sic).” –u/Johnreuhlz

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7. When a school student went back home instead of hanging out with his friends and later found that he would have been robbed just like them.

“It didn’t exactly save my life, but I did avoid getting robbed. When I was in high school I was supposed to hang out with some friends after school. They were taking a long time to come out of class, and I just had this feeling that I should home. I tried to message them, but didn’t get a reply so I went home. Later that day I heard from one of them that a group of guys came up to them as they exited the school and asked for their phones and money. Luckily they didn’t get hurt since one of the guys had a knife. I felt bad for them, but I was glad that wasn’t there because anything could have happened (sic). –u/justchill4

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8. When a guy stayed at the bonfire and dropped the idea of getting a ride with his friend, only to find out later that his buddy had a minor accident.

“I was at a bonfire and had planned to get a ride home with one of my friends. I got really anxious right before we left and ended up staying at the bonfire. On his way home, my friend had hit a light pole and it ended up falling and crushing the passenger seat, right where I would have been sitting. He was completely fine, just a few scratches and bruises but I definitely would have been severely injured if not killed (sic).” –u/jayrambling

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9. When a balloon popping game volunteer moved his position at the right time and saved himself from being hurt by a dart during an annual fair at school.

“I was volunteering at an annual fair at my school and I was helping with the balloon popping game (the one where you get darts and throw them at balloons to pop). When I was blowing up some balloons something told me to move position. Not even 5 seconds later a dart went flying right where I was standing. While I admit I wouldn’t of died it did save me from a lot of pain. This happened twice (sic).” –u/joman6977

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10. When a student left her building because of neighbour from upstairs and later came to know that he murdered a girl with a gun.

“When I was a student, I was living alone at the ground floor in a small building, my upstairs’ neighbor was a psychotic guy who started to have a crush on me. A few time, I woke up in the middle of the night, with him screaming my name and banging on the wall. I was so scared… I could feel the guy was really dangerous so in 24h I decided I couldn’t stay in this place and move to some friend house (while I was trying to do my relocation) – 2 months after this, he kill a girl (my age, really lookalike) with a gun. I can’t stop the feeling to think that it was supposed to be me…But in the other hand, I’m so glad I took this decision that quickly. I knew by the look in this eye that the guy was really dangerous (sic)!” – u/Barwa

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What are your thoughts about gut feeling?