What is toxic behaviour? Simply put, it’s the actions or words that add negativity and stress to our lives. And the worst part is we do not realise this because society considers them normal.

Here’s a few things people think are toxic but are normalised by society and it will help you avoid toxicity around.

1. “Trying to make people drink/smoke or drink/smoke more when they have firmly declined the offer.” – AssignmentOpen6112

2. “Overworking yourself and then collectively judging others who don’t do the same.” – Yawniebrabo


3. “Influencers photoshopping the hell out of their bodies for social media.” – ToastAbrikoos

4. “Taking your work with you on vacation. I mean if you enjoy working then that’s your thing, but I get sick of people like going through paperwork and having meetings while on vacation. Like dude stop.” –  earhere


5. “Smashing your spouse’s face into wedding cake at your reception.” – Brundleflyftw

6. “Expecting teenagers to know what they want to do with the rest of their lives.” – screen_door15


7. “Constantly asking young people when they’re having children.” – Michajell

8. “For your boss to contact you out of work hours for work reasons.” – iCastFoetusDeletus


9. “Shaming men for showing emotions.” – Sarius1997

10. “Taking pride in how little sleep you’re getting. Like, I understand different people need different amounts of sleep. But jeez.” – EMSEMS


11. “Telling someone “you need a boyfriend/girlfriend.” No one needs a bf or gf, some of us are happy single, and I know what’s best for me more than you do. Just because you are insecure or unhappy on your own doesn’t mean that I am.” – Metriculous

12. “Being passive-aggressive instead of talking through problems.” – viitatiainen


13. “Shaming people for wanting to be alone/relaxing alone.” – Vivixian

14. “Snooping in your partner’s phone or social media. Some people think it’s totally normal, acceptable behavior in couples or that it’s cute. It’s toxic, invasive and doesn’t build trust.” – IndifferentSkeptic


15. “Forcing introvert people into extrovert patterns. Like in schools or jobs.” – DeltaTM

16. “Gaslighting I would say almost is a social norm, but it is absolutely toxic and may have devastating effect in a person. Depending on the circumstances when, how, how often it happens. It may ruin the self-confidence, result in poor boundaries and confuse the person about what is acceptable in socialising, if accepting this style as a norm.” – Quora


17. “Playing pranks on people and laughing on them is I guess the most toxic behaviour. You don’t know what the mindset of the person is. In what mental space a person is. The humiliation caused by it can ruin their whole day.” – Quora

18. “Living with an abusive partner is okay but divorcing them is not.” – Quora


19. “That if somebody does a favour to you, you owe them.” – Quora

20. “It was hard for me to get to where I am now, therefore it must also be hard for you.” – SlaterHauge

There may be more such actions and habits that are toxic. Now that we know these few, let’s think twice before accepting them as the standard.