NPR correspondent Lauren Frayer stumbled upon a heart-wrenching account that would lead her to embark on a quest to reunite a brother-sister duo who were tragically separated in the Partition of 1947.

Once the segregation of India and Pakistan was announced, hundreds of happy families were ripped apart against the backdrop of violence, riots and communal clashes. Since then, many stories have emerged of how the Partition continues to affect people, even years later. Sometimes, these stories turn out to have happy endings, and we hope this story ends as such.

The Japan Times

Modern-day Pakistan’s Sharifa Bibi lost her seven-year-old brother amidst the chaos of the separation movement. Decades ago he was last spotted sleeping at a railway station and eventually adopted by an Indian family who changed his name. Today, years later, Sharifa Bibi is still looking for her brother. 

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This story struck a chord with a lot of people & the journey to finding Mohammed Tufail is in full swing:

The Partition of India was almost 75 years ago, but its tragic remnants continue to spill on to this date.