The years we spend in school play a crucial role in forming our opinions. Good experiences give people memories to cherish while the bad experiences leave them traumatic for life.

Wondering what bad experiences can schools offer? From harrassment to discrimination and bullying, there’s a lot that goes on in schools.

Recently, a Twitter user from the northeast talked about her experiences of a Delhi’s Army Public School. She came up with this thread after seeing other journos from Delhi posting about their fond memories from the same school.

Other students of the school apparently called her ‘Ching Ching China’.

In a school where most of the kids were from the north Indian states, none of the other students from the NE stood up against the humiliation and discrimination. Reason: They were just trying to fit in.

This Twitter user did the opposite. She protested and how? She learned all the Hindi swear words that and used them whenever anyone called her ‘Chinki’.

She further talked about how playing sports and being the captain of the house sports team helped her survive Army Public School and Delhi, both.

But even then life wasn’t easy because she belonged to the Northeast. Despite winning several championships for the house and school, she faced discrimination from teachers and sports staff.

Racial discrimination isn’t the only thing she talked about, there was rape. In one of the most coveted schools of India.

Army Public School alumni from across the country including those from the Dhaulakuan one, posted their experiences. While some people had similar stories of bullying, others outrightly denied all this happening at the school.

People from other schools and colleges of India also shared their horrible and traumatic experiences. Something that doesn’t get talked about often.

Hearing such stories of harrassment, abuse, violence and discrimination from schools, and not just any schools, some of the best ones, is just sad and enraging.

Hope these experiences reach people in-charge and things change for the good.