I just found out that there’s a T-shirt folding machine that can fold t-shirts automatically by pressing a button. I also found that I can’t afford it. So, I am back to googling hacks and Reddit saved me once again.

Someone posted a video on how to quickly fold a t-shirt.

It’s so good that you would want to watch it on loop. But does the hack work? Redditors have opinions about it.

This person who tried it says it works surprisingly well.

It took me a few trials to figure out where the best places were to grab when starting. It’s surprisingly easy and the shirts are folded much nicer than the way I’ve been doing for years. Never too old to learn something new!

Then there’s this person who knows that no matter how good a video is they’ll fold shirts like balls only.

It doesn’t matter how many times these videos get posted, I’ll never be able to do this. I just end up with balled up shirts. – AliquidExNihilo

There are others who don’t even take the pain to fold, because what the heck are hangers for.

I just put everything, except socks and underwear, on hangers. – Shotgun_Mosquito

Not bad to see people learning and changing their method to fold t-shirts.

That’s amazing and takes less time than the half crap way I’ve been doing it for years!

There are a few people who don’t want to waste time trying to do this.

I’ve never found t-shirt folding to be time consuming. Gonna spend more time trying to do this than I’d ever save!  

If you are planning to try this hack, this person is sharing the problems.

It looks nice but as soon as you pick it up to put it away or stack it, the sleeve in the back falls/moves and it becomes a wrinkle nightmare.  

Are you going to try this? Do share your experiences with us.