We’ve seen some of the most weird superstitions in India, so it shouldn’t surprise you when I say whistling indoors at night is associated with bad luck and evil.

Different countries have different beliefs but they all boil down to one conclusion – whistling at night brings bad luck.

According to certain Chinese and Korean beliefs, whistling at night attracts wandering ghosts.

So if you are whistling while taking a stroll at night, you might be inviting these evil spirits home.

Yoga practitioners in China can apparently also summon supernatural beings, wild animals and weather phenomena with a whistle.

In Japan, people believe that whistling at night might disturb the quiet of the night and thus bring danger. 

While there is no evidence of any of these beliefs, the superstition is probably linked to ancient times.

Not just Asia, even in Turkey it is believed that whistling at night means calling the ‘devil’.

The superstition is widespread. In Russian and other Slavic cultures, whistling indoors is believed to bring poverty. There’s a proverb in Russia that says, “whistling money away.” 

So next time you whistle and hum your favourite song at night, beware.