The thing about spooky stories is that setting matters the most. Imagine if they happen at a place of work… YOUR place of work. Especially when they are already scary. As I write this, I cannot not imagine staying in late at work for some while, because ghosts are apparently more real now. We may or may not believe in them, but that instantly changes with a few experiences.

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Like these that Redditors shared from their workplaces:

1. “One night, roughly about in the middle of May, I was with one of my colleagues at the backdoor where we receive deliveries. Just above the entrance to the yard, there is a monitor which shows images from the two security cameras located in the area. When we happened to look up at the monitor to see what can only be described as a shadow figure standing not far from the entrance to the yard. We stared at it for a few minutes, trying to figure out what it was. While I continued to look at the entity on the monitor, my colleague walks outside to where the “shadow figure” is standing. Now, I can clearly see the pair of them on the monitor but my colleague says no one was out there.”


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2. “Unlocking and opening classroom doors at 6:40 am on the second floor of a college campus building. Got to the last room at the end of the hallway and turned to go downstairs and all of the classroom doors slammed themselves shut at once.”


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3. “I work in a 24-hour security center and the building is pretty old, might be nothing but every single staff member collectively agrees that the toilets has a really creepy energy and negative vibe at night. Really weird knocking sounds and all sorts of weird vibes. Probably the weirdest thing though is that every time you go to the toilet, without fail and even if you check the taps before you go in, after you come out of the cubicle they are running by themselves as if someone turned them on. This only happens at night.”


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4. “I used to work part time at F&B place and the manager said that there was once a midnight call from the mall security over the baby crying sound at the outlet. They checked the CCTV and of course nobody was there.”


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5. “I work nights at a children’s hospital. I’ve always heard stories from people at work about strange things happening. There is supposedly a little boy who haunts one of the units here. They say every night around 2:30 am , there’s a rocking chair on the unit and it will start rocking on it’s own. He does mischievous things like opening drawers or closing doors down the hall. I’ve never witnessed any of this, but my wife who also works at the hospital has seen some things.”


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6. “My mom owned a restaurant and went in early one morning to do the previous night’s cash ups. She was totally alone and as she was counting some cash, she distinctly heard someone walk towards her. Clear audible footsteps of someone walking with shoes on tiles coming towards and right up next to her. She obviously froze in fear and expected whoever it was to demand her to hand it over. Only thing is, there was no one. A year or two before she bought the restaurant, a manager was shot and killed there during a late night robbery.”


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7. I’m the IT guy for our company. We have several locations in our area, one of which is right next door to a funeral home. For years people had told me that it was haunted. People that came in early or worked on Saturdays told me that they would hear and feel strange things. I had not experienced anything until I had to start working there on a more frequent basis. Things started off small, I would hear footsteps behind me, or see things out of the corner of my eye.


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8. “I had this weird experience once at the last place I worked at. Me and a coworker were completely alone in the entire building – it was just a small vet’s office. I had been doing inventory, and I left my book on the counter to go talk to my coworker, who was sitting at her desk, for a moment. As we were talking we clearly heard my book slam to the floor, and then something slam against the glass door from the outside. Neither of us saw anyone when we checked the door, and both of us were confused. And when I went to check on my book, it was back on the counter where I’d left it.”


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9. “One night in an old psychiatric hospital, a tech and I were the only ones up. Every patient seemed to be asleep (we checked every 15 minutes). Anyway I was sitting outside the office door and she was sitting at the back of the very small office eating her soup. The other office door to our side suddenly opened and closed and then the small restroom door in our office closed. Neither one of us said anything for about a full minute. Then I asked her if that had just happened.”


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10. “I work an evening shift, 4 days a week in my office with a couple of other people and on occasion I’m here alone late when they’re on vacation or in training. There’s another evening shift that works the other half of the week. I’ve heard footsteps when no one was in the building, had all the motion-activated faucets in the men’s room turn on at once, and could swear I’ve heard my name being called when no one was here.”


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Who knew managers were not the scariest thing about a workplace?