The world is constantly changing, which means newer innovations keep making our lives easier, and well in-turn tougher (at times). We come up with things that are supposed to reduce the amount of effort we put into basic activities. And now, someone has probably redefined walking with the ‘world’s fastest shoes’.

Source: YouTube

Moonwalkers, developed by Shift Robotics are the new shoes in market that promise to increase wearer’s walking speed by up to 250%. Basically, we can walk faster, without actually walking faster. According to the start-up and the founder Xunjie, these shoes require around 1.5 hour charge to walk a distance of about 9.7 km, depending on other factors like speed and terrain.

Source: YouTube

These shoes have a number of features including eight rollerblade wheels, which are designed keeping staircases in mind. Of course, we cannot just go and buy them, given that they cost around ₹1 lakh ( the planed retail price is $1,399). But hey, at least we live in a world where they exist – what a time to be alive!

We just lost multiple excuses for ‘running’ late.