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Most of us who live in the big bustling city would never know how diverse India can be. If you get your bum off the couch and walk 50km in any direction, you’ll find a different way of talking, a different way of dressing and of course, a different cuisine. 

With so much diversity and so many options, sometimes Indian food also has a weird, bizarre and slightly creepy side — a side with rat meat, rotten potatoes and red ants. 

So for anyone who likes to think that Indian food is just about butter chicken and kebabs, we have come up with a list of the most bizarre Indian dishes you’ve never seen. (Hold on to your tummies). 

1. Bhaang Ki Chutney 

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Yes, it’s made of roasted hemp seeds or Bhaang. No, you won’t be intoxicated after having it. This mouthwatering dish is very popular in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon district. Hemp seeds are known to have a high nutritional value and they help in improving digestion and metabolism. Which is why Uttarakhandis serve it as an accompaniment to other dishes. 

2. Red Ants Chutney 


How does a mixture of red ants, their eggs with some chilli, ginger and salt sound to you? Believe us or not, but people actually eat this in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. The dish is traditionally known as Chapura and is known to be a storehouse of medicinal goodness. The explosion of hot flavours is actually relished by people in the region. So, next time a red ant’s bite leaves you squirming in pain, you know what to do. 

3. Dog Meat

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Now this is particularly hard for us to digest. But ’tis true. Man’s best friend is served as a delicacy among the tribal communities of Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur. The tribals consume dog meat because it is rich in iron, which helps them stay warm during winters. 

4. Frog Legs 

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Goa and Sikkim share a common love for this French delicacy which is made by battering and frying frog legs.This dish is also considered to have some medicinal properties. In fact, the Lepcha community in Sikkim swears by the dish to cure stomach ailments. Interestingly, in a bid to avoid trouble by the forest department, restaurants in Goa serve the delicacy under the name ‘jumping chicken’. 

5. Baby Shark Curry 

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Ok! Maybe we can peacefully finish watching Jaws now. Coz hey! In Goa, we can eat sharks. Their babies atleast. Also known as the Mori Mutton, in this star dish of the Goan cuisine, the tender skin of the fish is skinned before preparing it with different sauces. Make sure you have enough water by your side, as the delicacy is usually very spicy and tangy. 

6. Eri Polu Silkworm


Who knew that silkworms could give us more than just sarees. Eri Polu Silkworm pupa is an exotic Assamese delicacy which is served along with fermented bamboo shoots. For this dish, the silkworms are usually cooked after they have spun their cocoon. The soft pupa is flavored with herbs and spices and smoked in bamboo shoots.

7. Rat Meat

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We kid you not!! In Bihar and Jharkhand, if you stop by a restaurant, you’ll find an interesting dish on their menu card which involves… rats!! Known as Patal Bageri, the meat is either roasted or served in the form of a curry. Rat meat is considered to be very rich in protein and is a favourite among the Musharar community. 

8. Rotten Potatoes


What could possibly be bizarre about eating everyone’s favourite aaloo, you would think. We thought so too. But then we stumbled upon this dish called Phan Pyut, which is basically rotten potatoes. It is a much-loved and widely consumed side dish in north east India. These potatoes are either consumed in their natural form or after they’ve been marinated with local spices.

9. Onion Ka Halwa


We love onions. But this is taking it too far. Halwa is supposed to be sweet, and doesn’t agree to the taste of onions. Or maybe it does. In this North Indian delicacy, the onions are fried and then cooked  on slow heat with milk and sugar to reveal a heavenly taste.

10. Garlic Kheer


If you thought garlic could never be used in preparing desserts, think again. Benami Kheer is a delicacy in north India which has garlic as the main ingredient. To make this dish, the garlic is cooked for hours in milk until it gives it a nutty flavor. Since garlic stimulates digestion, this desert is preferably served after dinner. 

Y’all up for a feast? 

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