It sucks that you can’t take that trip you’ve been saving up for. Heck, you can’t even do Goa with your friends at the moment. But maybe watching these videos by travel bloggers will cheer you up, and make you look forward to better days ahead, when you can go see these amazing places for yourself.

1. Izz Harris explores the beautiful Swiss Alps (Jungfrau Region).

2. Epic Santorini vlog by Tess Christine.

3. Virtually experience the gorgeous beauty of lake Como, Italy.

 4. Dive into this amazing video which explores Mongolia. 

5. Sri Lanka could be the next world’s no.1 travel destination. This series will tell you why.   

6. This is why backpacking across New Zealand should be on your bucket list.

 7. Mark Harrison takes you through the sights and sounds of mesmerising Turkey.

8. Here’s to one of the most visited sites of Latin America: Peru. 

9. Explore the bluest waters and amazing coasts of Malta in this 3-day trip.

10. An amazing glimpse of what a day in Ecuador would look like.

12. Follow Kenny Sebastian’s journey across America where he comes face to face with a grizzly bear and the fossilized remains of a t-rex.

13. Dive into this video to explore more about Korea and its culture.

14. Always dreamt of seeing northern lights in Iceland? Here you go.

15. Experience ‘Japan Darshan’ with these desi dudes.

Hang in there, buddy. This too shall pass.