Lucknow, the city of Tehzeeb or the city of Nawabs is just not any other city. It’s cultural, linguistic and historical heritage lives and breathes among the residents. 

The sights, sounds, tastes and smells from various corners of Lucknow is not just an exclusive exposition of the evolution of the city, but a way of life. 

Taking you one step closer towards the city, we bring you some pictures that will tell you about the rich history of this charming city. 

1. A photograph of Imambara and Jama Masjid taken by Samuel Bourne in 1863. 


2. A building built in 1880 showing the grandeur of Lucknow. 


3. A photograph taken in 1872 in which a woman is seen sitting with a hookah, laden with jewels. 


4. The Rumi Darwaza or Turkish Gate of Lucknow in 1880. 

rumi darwaza

5. Magnificent and famous Imambada in the year 1880. 


6. The royal Kesar Palace in 1880. 

royal kesar palace

7. A mansion that is now in ruins. 


8. A stone bridge built in 1858 to fortify Lucknow. 

stone bridge

9. A building demolished during the 19th century which was once used to protect Lucknow. 

history of lucknow

10. Lucknow’s Bailey Guard Gate in 1858. 

Bailey Guard Gate

11. An image of how the city collapsed after the rebellion of 1858. 

old lucknow

12. Machchi Bhawan of Lucknow after 1858. 

machchi bhawan

13. Dilkusha Kothi, 1858 

Dilkusha Kothi

14.That’s how the Bank House looked in 1858. 

bank house in 1858

15. An official’s residence in Lucknow in 1900. 

official's residence

16. Some beautiful pictures of Lucknow taken from the Bada Imambara. 

bada imambara
beautiful lucknow
historical lucknow
beautiful lucknow
city of nawabs

Muskuraiyye ki aap Lucknow mein hain.  

Image Source- oldindiaphotos