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Food. One of the greatest pleasures of life. Dominating every waking moment of your day. *Sometimes even your dreams!*

And for some of us seriously adventurous foodies, the love for food means constantly going out to try out new and interesting things to eat — like blood pudding, creepy crawlies, or even a goat’s head. 

So if you’re the kind of foodie who creeps their friends out with their adventurous food bucket list, then you would relate to these real life situations. 

1. You always freak out your friends with your stories

2. No one lets you pick a restaurant

3. You don’t have to share your food with anyone

4. First dates are always awkward

5. Your friends are always afraid of getting food poisoning

So if you have the adventurous streak within you and would like to know about the strange, tasty, and super-interesting dishes our country has to offer, then check out the trailer for Zomato Originals’ new food adventure show, Eat Like A Girl.

And just like your dinner, if you can’t get enough of this show, click here to watch the full episode of Eat like a Girl on the Zomato app.