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Bae! What’s good? 

Going places this summer, are we?! 

Don’t you think summers and trips/vacations go hand in hand? 

I know, your vacation plans are as bleak as the existence of extraterrestrial beings which hardly get to see the light of day but I’m here to help you turn it around! (Well, a little bit, somehow…) 
One major factor in trip planning is determining and planning a budget that allows you to still afford groceries after the #wanderlust ride is over. And so, I have 6 efficient money-saving tips for your next adventure right here. 

1. Plan off-season trips.

There’s a reason why people do not visit a place during some seasons. Yeah, they’re not as smart as you! 

Really, a trip-worthy destination remains trip-worthy no matter what time of the year it is (minus extreme weather factors, of course). Go ahead and plan an off-season trip to get the best out of both materialistic (low cost bookings and stays due to low traffic) and idealistic (less people, more peace, better experiences) factors. And trust me, you’ll not be the only one. (Quality company, uhun!) 

2. Look out for lucrative flight and hotel booking deals.

It’s a little tiresome; It will also prove to be a lifesaver when it comes to trips and vacations, I swear! Be on constant lookout for deals and offers on travel and hotels that can not only save major bucks but also contribute in enhancing and adding value to your experience. Keep an eye on several travel websites for lucrative deals that will let you have one hell of a trip! 

Speaking of lucrative deals, I have got good news! 
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3. Aim for places that do not require special clothing and other rental gear.

I know you want to travel to the end of the world. But maybe, we should put that away for a while and start small with places that’ll not require us to buy special clothing, gear or make us spend money on additional rental items. While planning budget trips, aim for destinations that can be visited with no special gear or clothing requirements so as to deduct added expenses on the same. 

4. Bargain! Bargain for your life! 

Tourist spots can be traitorously expensive. And deny it as much as you can, we cannot cut down on the souvenir shops and local markets. Do not let them have their way with you soldier! Fight for what you want (not literally, please. I don’t wanna be sued for instigating fights at markets) and buy stuff that you like at bargained and toned-down prices to save hard-earned bucks. 

5. Keep the shopping spree at bay. 

I mean, we can TRY, right? 

Try and cut the shopping sprees out of your trip as much as you can. Check yourself and keep a keen eye on your unnecessary spending habits while travelling. Trust me, everyone wants a red bonnet from the hills but we both know it’s going to end up stranded in the farthest corner of the closet. Limit your shopping items to only a few souvenirs and trip necessities.

6. Opt for rental apartments or homestays instead of hotels. 

Staying in hotels prove to be more expensive as compared to homestays, airbnbs, and local apartment rentals most of the time. And thus, have a full blown research on the destination and determine a stay that is comparatively less taxing. In addition to that, these options, generally hosted by localites, seem to be cozy, warm and welcoming for homely experiences away from home. 

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