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Food has, for me, been a source of comfort, happiness, and peace. It’s something that gets me excited and truly happy in a way nothing — and I mean nothing — can. 

But that’s not always the case. 

Food can also be bizarre, scary and downright disturbing at times. There are rotten potatoes, rat meat dishes and creepy-crawlies served around the world. And as foodies, we’re never going to shy away from trying these yummy (albeit disgusting) dishes. 

So here’s what goes on in our heads when we finally do work up the courage to try bizarre food for the first time.

1. Ants Eggs Soup

2. Grasshoppers

3. Fried Spiders

4. Bird’s Nest Soup 

5. Fried Rattlesnake

6. Rat Meat  

The definition of what’s tasty changes in different states, countries, and cultures. And while it may sometimes completely freak us out, it’s certainly not enough to stop us from taking our little food adventures.

If you’re like us and love to see the strange, the tasty, and the super-interesting foods our country has to offer, check out the trailer for Zomato Originals’ new food adventure show, Eat Like A Girl. So get ready for squab, jute pork and some more of crawlies!

And if you want to watch the full episode, click here to catch it on the Zomato app.