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Who doesn’t love Vampires? They’re dangerous and sexy and sparkle in the night. Or at least the ones in Twilight do (sorry Nosferatu).

No matter which Vampire you root for, you should know that there are two things that some humans share with them — a real aversion to sunlight and a taste for blood. 

Ewwwww, but true. Dishes made of blood are served as delicacies in many cultures across the globe. We’re talking blood soups, curries, pancakes and even alcoholic drinks!!

So brace the daredevil foodies within you, because we’ve brought you a list of 7 such dishes from around the world that are made of blood. 

1. Snake Blood Wine in Vietnam

wandering wheatleys

If you want to make it through this list, we suggest you start off with some alcohol. And yes, this too has blood in it. Hanoi city is well known for its snake restaurants where you can eat every body part of the snake and where you get the famous snake blood wine. The blood is squeezed from the snake into glasses filled with rice wine and served warm. When I asked for a Bloody Mary, that’s not what I meant. 

2. Blodplättar in Finland & Sweden

Noise Break

If you’re thinking about pancakes, chances are that you don’t think about blood. Finland or Sweden begs to differ! Blodplättar is a pretty famous dish in both the countries where pancakes are made out of fresh pork blood. The blood is whipped, mixed with flour, onion, and a few other spices and served with sweet fruit jam or syrup. 

3. Thai Boat Noodles in Thailand


In this dish, blood is added to the noodle soup, which gives it a darker colour. They generally use pig blood, although sometimes duck or a goose blood is used too. So next time you’re travelling abroad and are served a noodle dish with a thick and a dark broth, you know you’re drinking blood!

4. Jadoh Snam in Shillong

Well if you’re talking about crazy food items, how can India be far behind? So here we are with some Jadoh Snam for you. A delicacy of the Khasi tribe, it’s a lot like Biryani except that they pour pork or chicken blood while making it. Sometimes, they also add pork fat for extra taste. Yeah, like we’ve not had enough pig already. 

Talking about weird dishes in India, Shillong doesn’t stop at Blood rice. If you want to get freaked out a little bit more, the newest episode of Zomato Originals’ Eat Like A Girl shows us an amazing side to Shillong’s food culture. Check out the trailer here. 

5. Pig Blood Sundae Ice Cream in the US 

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So if you thought making pancakes out of blood was crazy, what would you say about this crazy dish? Pig’s blood is used in place of the egg to give the ice-cream a more custard-like texture. I don’t think I’d have to say this but don’t try this when you’re on an ice-cream date!

6. Black Tofu in China 

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I don’t think anyone saw Tofu making it to this list. The Chinese took it upon themselves to mix something super vegan-y and cute like Tofu with something disgusting and hardcore, like blood. They use chicken, pig, or duck blood which changes the colour of the Tofu to black. The dish is supposed to be super nutritious and have lots of medicinal value. We’ll still pass, thanks. 

7. Morcilla in Spain

The Spruce Eats

Pig blood makes a guest appearance in Spain as well. The Morcilla (or Spanish Blood Sausage) is a traditional Spanish sausage that comes in many varieties depending on where you are in Spain. Sometimes it contains rice, sometimes it’s made with onions, but it always is made with blood. In fact, it is the close relative of the famous British Black Pudding, which also, you might not be shocked to hear, is made of blood. 

So if you’re actually planning on trying out these dishes, then beware! You might genuinely end up with blood on your hands! 

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