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If India was a desi family, Shillong would be that one beautifulover-achieving cousin that has it all! From mountains to plateaus, to rivers and oceans — everything. And some parts of it are so breathtaking that they stick to your soul — like success sticks to the over-achieving-cuz. It goes without saying that, Shillong is probably one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Here are 7 pictures of Shillong that prove it is paradise on earth and truly deserves its title of Scotland of the East. 

1. Spread Eagle Falls 


Is it an eagle? Is it a plane? or is it your next picnic spot?

2. Shillong Peak 

The Golden Age

*carefully listening to the echo after screaming out my own name* Cheap thrills. 

3. Nohkalikai Falls Or Sweet Falls 



4. Living Roots Bridge

The Telegraph

Try not to trip and fall on this, please. *flashbacks from the movie Anaconda*

5. Mawlynnong – Asia’s cleanest village 

Travel Triangle

Seekh lo kuch. 

6. Sunset boating in Glorious Lakes 

Way To India

What a perfect V-day plan! I’m sorry if you’re single. 

7. Umiam Lake


Look. At. This. Beauty. 

Let me just stop you right there, if you think that Shillong is only about prettiness. It is a hauntingly magical place of which you can never have enough. The experience of visiting the city will surely remain etched in your mind for the longest time. And as far as food is concerned, the variety can open a gateway into a plethora of deliciousness. Delicious pork ribs and dishes drenched in blood — Shillong has it all.

So, if you want to go adventuring with some crazy food in this paradise, check out the trailer for Zomato Originals’ new food adventure show, Eat Like A Girl. 

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