Dubai is a popular holiday destination for us Indians as we can make a quick trip to the lively Arab country and enjoy ourselves to the fullest without burning through our bank balance. The amazing shopping is an added bonus. So while the UAE is a friendly and popular destination for tourists, there are still some basic things that we take for granted or do not think twice about doing that can actually get you arrested and/or jailed in Dubai. So it doesn’t hurt to know of some local laws and customs so you do not run afoul of their legal system. Here are just a few;

1. Dancing in public

While Dubai has many night and dance clubs, these are private and have special licenses to operate. Dancing in public is considered an official offence, a disruption to the public peace and can get you arrested.

2. Swearing or making rude gestures in public

Here’s a pro tip. Everyone has arguments. Everyone has fights. But if you’re in Dubai and you have one with a stranger or even an angry loved one, please refrain from swearing or making rude gestures in public. That includes flipping people off and using the F-word. So control yourself and avoid road rage. Based on the severity of the offence, people have also known to be deported.

3. Having intimate relations with the opposite gender in public

So you’ve gone to Dubai for that dream honeymoon or romantic getaway and you cannot help but show your love to everyone in the world. You might want to curb your enthusiasm just a bit. Tourists have been arrested for kissing or even holding hands in public.

4. Sharing a hotel room or living together as an unmarried couple

While the authorities are pretty clear about their distaste for this, many prominent international hotels do not have such strict rules. Still, call and research ahead to avoid trouble.

5. Drinking alcohol in public or being intoxicated in public

While most countries dislike public drinking and/or drunkenness and encourage you to enjoy yourself at licensed establishments, Dubai takes it to the extreme. If you’re caught drinking or drunk in public, you will be jailed.

6. Importing, selling or using drugs

These guys are not cool with drugs. Of any kind. So yeah, you could say they are not 420 friendly. The possession of even a small amount of illegal drugs, and that means ALL drugs, leads to a minimum four-year prison sentence. And by the way, that’s your best case scenario.The worst case scenario for people convicted of drug trafficking is the death penalty.

7. Posting anything anti-Dubai or anti-UAE on social media

There have been government crackdowns and a bit of harder censorship in recent times. You will be arrested and face jail time if you post anything pro-Qatar or anti-UAE.