My parents had a transferable job and the best part about it was that I got to travel a lot in Punjab. Anyone who has ever visited the state, they would know that Amritsar is on everyone’s checklist. 

Anyone who has visited the place, they’d agree that the most spectacular thing about Amritsar is its beautiful winters.  

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Let’s start with the basics. If you want to travel to the ‘Golden City’, there’s no better option but to go via train or road.

Crossing those lush ganne ke khet will make your inner Raj and Simran come alive and that’s one experience that’ll make your road trip totally worth it. 

As soon as you reach the city during the winters, you will realize that this undoubtedly is the best time to be there. The nippy cold breeze and the kadak dhoop will make you want to sunbathe the hell out. 

The city is known for its monumental blend of culture, tradition, history and most importantly food, Amritsar has everything you need.

So, how can someone go to The Golden City and not visit The Golden Temple? Whether its the beautiful architecture or the soothing kirtan at the gurudwara, everything about the place just soothes your soul. But the most amazing part about the place is the Langar ka Prasad.   

If you’re yearning for a simple yet hefty breakfast, visit during the morning when the Guru Granth Sahib is brought to the inner sanctum and enjoy the world’s biggest langar served and cooked by volunteers like you.  

Isn’t that amazing?  

But honestly, my favourite part about the temple is their Kada prasad. Enriched with tons and tons of ghee, this mouth-watering prasad is worth standing in large ques.  And whether you go to the temple in the morning or at night, it’s equally magnificent, especially in those chilly winters. 

If you’re feeling particularly touristy, the rich history of the city has many places for you to visit. Whether it is the Jallianwala Bagh or watching two different cultures rejoice amidst the cool breeze at Wagah Border, it just makes you love winters a whole lot more there. 

However, if you’re in Ambarsar and you don’t have their famous Amritsari Kulche from Ranjit Avenue and not have that giant buttery glass of lassi from Anuja Milk Bhandar even though its like 5 degrees there, then what even is the point? 

Moreover, the city has tons of places to shop for all those juttis and patiala suits from dirt cheap prices. And during the winters, it’s a must to go through those patli galiyan of Hall Bazaar and Chor Bazaar via rickshaws and enjoy the rustic architecture of the place. 

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Last but not least, winters are bland in the city if you don’t enjoy flying kites during Makar Sankranti and skip doing gidda and throwing popcorn and peanuts in the bonfire during Lohri. 

No one celebrates culture, traditions, festivals and food like the city of Ambarsar and you may not agree but winters are really its forte.