Every now and then we think of visiting a peaceful place where we can relax on the beach amidst natural surroundings. But most of the time this place happens to be some international destination. Why not explore the most beautiful islands in our vicinity?

Andaman Islands are full of corals, colourful marine life and lush green tropical forests along the pristine and gorgeous sea. What else do you need for a perfect vacation 

1. You can visit one of the best beaches in the world.

You cannot afford to miss Radhanagar Beach, which also the best beach in Asia. The beach is just 12 km from Havelock Island and is well connected with Port Blair.


There are several other beaches all around Andaman, where you can enjoy the calm and blue sea.

2. You can go Kayaking through the mangroves.


There is nothing better than paddling your way through the quiet backwaters of Andaman and experiencing the rich ecosystem of mangrove forests.


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3. You can enjoy walking in the seawater.

Sea walking is one of the best things to do in Andaman. You will be taken in a boat to the sites where you can witness marine life.


4. You can see natural rock formations in the Limestone Caves at Baratang Islands.


This island between South and Middle Andaman has some beautiful limestone caves. Limestone cave can be explored with the permission of Forest Department at Baratang and proper local guidance.

5. You can walk through the rubber plantations in Wandoor.

The Mongluton rubber plantations in Wandoor are perfect for the curious wanderers. The guided tour takes you through rows and rows of rubber trees. 


6. You can spot dolphins playing in the ocean water.

The Lalaji bay is very famous for dolphin spotting in Andaman. The waters are warm here so a lot of dolphins swim across the ocean during the daytime. You can take a boat and spot them playing in the ocean.


7. You can swim with the colourful fishes while snorkeling.

People from around the world visit Andaman just to enjoy the snorkeling activity. You will be provided with gears and equipment while trying this activity. 


8. You can explore the beautiful island while taking a sea plane ride through the Andaman.

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9. You can go for trekking into the forests.

The vast green jungles of Andaman Islands make a perfect place for adventure trekking.

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10. You can visit the Cellular Jail, which was also known as the ‘hell on earth’.

The prison has turned into a museum now and it hosts the very famous Light and Sound show. It’s a must watch show in the Andaman.

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11. You can go for a helicopter ride through the Andamans.

Helicopter ride in the Andaman is one of the most sought after activities. You can experience something different from the usual while heading out for a helicopter ride in the Andaman. You will be riding above the majestic coastlines of the dense tropical forests and clear blue sea. 


12. You can go for a volcano tour to the Barren Island.

Barren Island is home to the only active volcano in South Asia. It is a haven for photography lovers.

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13. You can discover the sea life with scuba diving.

Scuba diving is one of the most sought after activity in Andaman. You will be taken amidst the coral reefs down under the sea under the guidance of experts.


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14. You can visit the Marine National Park and explore the marine ecosystem.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is accessible by road from all the major cities of Andaman Islands. You can also undertake various adventure activities here.

15. You can witness glittering water at the Havelock Island.

The bright glowing colour of the water at this beach will make you feel as if you are in some other world. This happens due to the presence of phytoplankton in the sea waters.

You can also head out out for night kayaking which makes this trip all more special.

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The best time to visit Andaman Islands is from October to May. This is the perfect time to enjoy water activities in mild temperatures.

You can reach the islands by both air and water.

By Air: Vir Savarkar Airport in Port Blair

By Ship: Haddo Wharf Port in Port Blair; ship services are available from Chennai, Kolkata, and Vizag.