Taher Shah of ‘Eye To Eye’ fame recently released his latest new single ‘Angel‘ and it is making waves all over the world. Waves of cringes and stunned disbelief, that is.

And Animal Planet India‘s Twitter posted the perfect response to it. I mean, we were all feeling it, but this panda gave it a face.

That’s when we delved further and discovered a host of adorable, fuzzy creatures making you feel like they simply get your everyday human troubles! Presenting, Animal Planet India, our new absolute favourite Twitter handle.

And we’ve gathered for you some gems that are sure to make you smile.

These seals, man. They just get how we feel.

I mean, how perfect is this little face, for when you wake up way too early on your day off?

And these giraffes might make your post-exam homecoming just a bit easier.

Because the animal kingdom ain’t that different from the human world.

This is literally how I look at people who are only seen clicking pictures.

Look at this guy! I believe he could be my spirit animal.

And presenting, the Joey Tribbiani of the wild. (‘Cause JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!)

Mondays are pretty much hated as much by cheetahs as by us, y’know!

And yet, check out this penguin doing adult-life like a boss. *cuteness overload*

And we all get the joy of a Friday! Even the animal kingdom. Awwww yisss!

Yep, they definitely get it.

Chillin’ with fellow kitty-cats. Heaven indeed.

Reminding you of just how crazy you and your friends can get.

Funny-face-picture!!! *click* Guys? Did nobody else make a funny face..?

And alas, even they as as deeply moved by Taher Shah’s mind-blasting talent.

I mean, I believe I’d just like to use one of Animal Planet’s tweets as a message to all the cuties on Animal Planet.

You all indeed have made my day. My suggestion to anyone looking to take a break…

Totes adorbs, right? You’re very welcome. Have a WILD rest of the week, you guys! *roar*