Everyone who enjoys a good beer knows how important it is to pour it in the glass the right way. It takes serious skill to do that. It involves tilting the glass to 45 degrees to have a perfect layer of foam that is neither too thin nor too thick. 


One bar in Argentina, though, has made the task simpler. To ensure people always get beer in the glass perfectly, this bar has itself been tilted at an angle of 45 degrees. Andes, a well-known beer brand in Argentina, has built this bar at the Mendoza province in the Andes mountains. The bar is aptly named Andes Bar 45. 


The bar is situated on a slope and makes good use of the mountainside’s natural incline. Everything in this bar is tilted. From the tables and chairs, to the beer tap too, which ensures beer gets into the glass the way it is supposed to. They also have a dart game which certainly should be very interesting to play. Customers visiting the bar also have to contend with gravity and have to keep holding their beer in order to prevent it from spilling. Here’s an advertisement for the bar:


And here’s what a dart game at the bar may go down like:

I’m getting tickets to Argentina. Adios, amigos!