We all have been there – desperately waiting for an auto-rickshaw and the drivers keep declining and passing you by. We surely get a little pissed over their behaviour, right? In a post by Andheri West Shit Posting, a rickshaw driver explained why they sometimes, say no to passengers.

The anonymous driver, who stays in Nalasopara’s chawl with three other people, pays a rent of ₹1,000 every month. He explained that even after working the entire night, he takes a very basic amount back to his home.

I travel from the local train and get down at Malad West at 8.30 PM every day. Then, I pay ₹500 per day as the rent for the auto-rickshaw to its owner (he drives from 9 AM to 9 PM and I drive from 9 PM to 9 AM). I drive the rickshaw through the night near commercial areas and railway stations. I earn about ₹1,500-₹2,000, out of which ₹200-₹300 goes in LPG and ₹500 goes in paying the daily rikshaw rent. I take home ₹600-₹1,000 every day.

He then explains that the reason why the majority of the rickshaw drivers say no is not because they are sadistic, but because it might put them at a loss.

If I am in Andheri at 8.30 AM, I would really want to reach Malad by 9 AM or the owner of this rikshaw will be mad at me for coming late. Now when a person says he needs to go to Bandra, I will have to say him no because it takes a U-turn.

He also mentioned that he doesn’t like it when people take their refusals personally.

There are two lakh auto rikshaws in Mumbai, I’m sure someone would want to take you home. A little patience won’t harm.

You can see the entire post here:

At times, it’s good to see the other side of the story, right?