Imagine walking into a hotel suite and living with see your favourite fictional character come to life. Well, almost. All the Batman fans out there, there’s actually a hotel in Taiwan which offers just that! You can now head to Taiwan’s Eden Hotel for a Batman themed suite, and this Batpad is no joke.

Check this Batman suite out.

The suite in Taiwan’s Eden Motel is completely themed after the Dark Knight.

Complete with a bed, a bath and television screen, every detail in the room is themed to the dark crusader. The room even has miniature gargoyles.

There’s even a Batmobile couch protruding out of the wall.

Now this one’s for the child inside us, because you know that you want to sit inside the Batmobile with all of your sound effects and action. Yes, we’ve grown up, but not all that much.

And, here’s the thing, it’s a motel and not a hotel.

That is, you rent the room by the hour. That’s right, most of the customers who walk in, also walk out by the hour after having spent some ‘quality time’ in the motel room. You get that role play reference now?

The suite’s not available? Don’t worry, there are more.

In fact, the motel has a number of different-themed rooms, called ‘fashion style’ suites. These include an ‘Alcatraz’ suite, a ‘New York New York’ suite and many more.

Can’t wait to go there? Me neither.

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