You’ve heard of Paris, Nice, Normandy, Marseilles and so on and so forth – the beauties of France that we can’t seem to dream enough about. We may never actually get to travel there, honestly.

But, how often do you hear about Lyon? Hardly, right?!  

So, I decided to dedicate my entire Monday to finding out more about this interesting little French territory for you so that we can collectively dream about yet another city in France that is just as unattainable to us; but, still just as beautiful, oui?  


I found that Lyon is actually a considerably large part of France that is strangely close to Switzerland. 


And, the more you look at pictures of this city, the more you like it.  

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Like, a lot.  

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And then, you dream about getting lost in the labyrinth that is Lyon. 

The city is located right in the midst of two scenic rivers – Rhône and Saône.  

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And any place that is surrounded by water automatically becomes a favourite, stat.  

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I mean, even the old district part of Lyon is just as picturesque. 

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I don’t mind going back in time and living out the rest of my days here. 

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Imagine seeing life through rose tinted glasses whilst strolling down the streets. 

And then, standing on the rooftops of one of the city’s buildings, feeling on top of the world. 


Such is life, fellow traveler. Or as the French say, C’est la vie! 


So, next time you meet someone who tells you they’re from Lyon (slim chances, really), you’ll look at them with heart eyes.  


I now consider uprooting my entire life just so I could move to the Renaissance city.  


If you were to roam the streets for the rest of your life, let those streets be in Lyon.  

Even the people seem to be so happy being in a city like this. Sitting at quaint cafes, marveling life. 

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And why wouldn’t they? I’d be happy, too. Even if I were broke. 

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The city is supposed to be one of the largest renaissance old quarters in Europe. And I can totally see why! 

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There’s beauty everywhere you look. And a whole lot of culture, too! 

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Lyon is supposed to have a nightlife that will make the likes of Ibiza envious. 

And so you’d have to stay forever, lost in love with Lyon. Because, it has everything! 

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If there is beauty in this world, it is here, it is here, it is here.  

Only Lyon

The world can have Paris, Nice, Marseilles and all the other popular French tourist hot spots. We want Lyon. 

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It’s the perfect combination of serene and busy on any given day. 


Even the most mundane roads seem beautiful. 

And with a view like that at every turn, it’s no wonder the city is our new favourite. 


I mean can you imagine living in one of these run-down buildings? So romantic!  

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And being just as pious in its magnificent cathedrals that make you feel like heaven has descended on Earth. 

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It’s majestic beauty, indeed. 

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Equal parts history, equal parts modernity. All parts beauty and wonder!

I’m already hooked. And I’ve only just seen pictures. 

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Looks like it’s always lovely in Lyon. 

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I mean, look at this view! It’s not just breathtaking; it’s angelic! 

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If these pictures and the stories are anything to go by, then, I’m sold. And I think, so are you. 

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France has a new meaning altogether. 

You see, love may be a feeling. But, so is Lyon. 

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And I’m planning to elope to the magical city of Lyon. 


To wake up to sunrises like these. 


And to take in views like these. 


And experience magic like this. 

Because a life lived in Lyon seems like a good life, indeed. 


Au revoir!