In today’s times where selfishness overpowers humanity, there is a very heartwarming gesture that has come to light.    

In this story shared on Twitter by Parth Sierra aka darthsierra, he narrates his experience with a Mumbai based Ola cab driver.     

He shared his encounter with the driver over a Twitter thread. He wrote,     

Hey Ola cabs I need to report an incident I faced with one of your driver by the name Asif Iqbal Abdul Gaffar Pathan. He drives a mini Hyundai Xcent. 

Where at the start of the thread it might look like there is going to be yet another complaint about the cab driver, his thread took a surprising turn.     

He struck a conversation with Parth and talked about various things, ranging from rains to traffic. 

But when Parth realized he doesn’t have his wallet, the cab driver’s assurance made him sigh with relief.  

But this part of the incident when the cab driver actually came over to give back the wallet, took our hearts away.  

This modest cab driver is not only a hard worker but also a loving family man. 

While everyone is fighting the evil of the modern world, this incident restored our faith in kindness.