A-listers get the best of what we can imagine having. There’s no doubt about it. They live in style, with the best houses, cars and lifestyle money can buy. If that weren’t enough, apparently there are also some exotic holiday destinations that the privileged few have called dibs on that you might not have even known about until now. If it’s holidaying in style that you were looking forward to, some of the world’s most famous and powerful people can vouch for these vacation spots.

Here are some holiday spots that are frequented by celebrities.

1. Marina de Portofino, Italy

 Frequented by the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z, The Splendido at Marina de Portofino has a ‘Golden Book’ – a leather bound registry – filled with the signatures of guests from the Duke of Windsor to Rihanna. Now, that’s a guest list you don’t see everyday.


2. St Moritz, Switzerland

They say that the halls Badrutt’s Palace Hotel have seen more celebrities and powerful people than any other place in the last century. St Moritz happens to be the town that some of the most powerful and rich people have been visiting just because the town knows how to treat its guests. During peak season, the town’s airport brings in upwards of 40 private jets a day.


3. Seychelles

Sure, the crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches make this chain of islands the go-to spot for couples and wedding ceremonies. But, it’s not just the honeymoon goers that frequent the spot. The North Island at Seychelles happens to be the choice hide-out for celebrities like George Clooney and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. If they like it, there must be something there that’s going right.


4. Iceland

The mysterious northern lights and the picturesque settings of Iceland have been used as backdrops for many famous movies; Thor and Noah just to name a couple. The Hotel ION happens to be the spot frequented by many of our favourite stars and for good reasons that include everything expected from a luxury adventure getaway, with the extra benefit of a low carbon footprint.


5. Tanzania, Africa

The Singita Lodges happen to be the choice of stay for A-listers like Justin Timberlake and Mrs Clooney when a bit of wildlife voyeurism is on the cards. The luxury lodging in the middle of an exotic reserve is more than enough reason for one to blow out king size and enjoy nature’s best benefits.


6. South of France

You could set aside the Paris trip for your backpacking tour for some other time, but if it’s a royal style getaway that you were looking for, you would have to head south to the Mediterranean coast. While you’re there you might just bump into Sonam Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai or even Bruce Willis who usually pick Hotel Martinez in Cannes to kick back. You have been informed.


7. Space

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic project has already seen a slew of celebrities that have signed up for rides into space. At a meagre ‎₹13,240,000, you could catch a 15-minute flight into space, possibly alongside folks like Ashton Kutcher, Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber who have already signed up for their rides. 


We’re not condoning celebrity stalking. But you know where to find them now.

Masthead Source: layoverguide.com