One of the budget traveller’s best and most precious finds are youth hostels across the country. These peanut priced stay options across the country have made life just so much easier for people.

So, here are 10 really cool youth hostels that’ll get you off for a trip right away.

1. Social Rehab, Bangalore

Bangalore’s Social Rehab is considered one of the best youth hostels in the country; a backpacker’s haven, you could say. With a TV set, video games, free Wi-Fi, a library and more, what else do you really need. Average multiple bed dorm rooms are available at around 700-800 per head.

2. Happy Camper Hostels, Kerala

A chilled out hostel laid somewhere in Fort Kochi, Happy Camper would be one of your best bets if you were to head down south. With tour packages, and luxuries that you would look for at hotels at run-down prices, the hostel is backpackers’ pick of the lot.

3. Roadhouse Hostel, Jaipur

Libraries, PlayStations, the occasional barbecue, foosball and pool tables make the Roadhouse Camper hostels just a treat for the traveller. Imagine beating the travel ridden tiredness off of you on a splendid couch chilling with your friends over a video game. All this, can be yours at ₹400 per head. Hella good!

4. Moustache, Delhi

One of the best inns and hostels in the capital city, Moustache also has a branch in Jaipur, and these spots are really swanky. Lockers, new age wall art, Wi-Fi, photocopy machines, gardens, rooftop cafes and all that jazz make Moustache an extremely cool place to chill out with fellow travellers. 8-bed dorms would cost your group at close to ₹300 per head. Dirt cheap, for sure.

5. Le Pension, Jaipur

Away from the bustle of the main city in Jaipur, La Pension – meaning Bed & Breakfast in Français – is one of your best bets in the city. At close to ₹400 you get to laze around in the amazingly laid out décor of the hostel, fitted with all kinds of leisure amenities you could imagine.

6. Vedanta Wake Up!, Kerala

Ranging between ₹300 – ₹1500, travellers have all of the regular luxuries you can find on this list. There are PlayStations everywhere! But, true to its name the Vedanta hostel has its touch of ethnicity and local culture, being placed in 5 cities across Kerala and one in Tamil Nadu. These include Alleppey, Kovalam, Fort Kochi, Thekkady and Varkala, and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.

7. The Hostel Crowd, Goa

The Hostel Crowd inns are spread across four places in Goa and one in Kerala. For the true Goan experience with the local folk and way of lifestyle, The Hostel Crowd is the spot you go to if you wanted to bypass the average Goan party spot. We’re talking Portugese-influenced architecture and new-age Goan lifestyle. Definitely check it out next time you’re in Goa.

8. Jugaad Hostels, Delhi

True to its name, the Jugaad Hostel is not only a steal at the price that it is, the hostel dorms are very innovatively designed, and the décor is simple and articulate. At ₹700 per night, the dorm rooms are set with all of the chiller fixtures that you would need for the best group travel experience. For those heading north, stop by Delhi just for this experience.

9. Zostel, Pushkar

For the next time you decide to head to the Pushkar fair, we’ve got the ideal place for you and your friends to spend their evenings. With branches laid across Delhi, Varanasi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa, Pushkar, Ooty and many other places, Zostel is one of the best hostel options you have in the country. Beginning from ₹600 – ₹2000 per night, the Zostel hostels are the hippest inns set up for your travel almost all over the country.

10. Stops Hostel, Varanasi

The hostel chain first began in Varanasi and has expanded up till Delhi now. Stops has a Billiard table, a Tennis court, BBQ, you name it. We’re talking about dorm rooms that go between ₹600 – ₹2000. You know I just gave you a plan for this weekend now.

Aren’t they amazing AND dirt cheap?