If you’ve been to Nagpur, you’ll agree that a road trip to the northernmost city of Maharashtra is worth it because of the amazing Satpura hills. 

Go hundred kilometers further and you’ll be in Amravati (not to be confused with Amaravati), a small yet energetic place to witness what a suburb looks like. 


But, one of the best attractions is to be found in Chikhaldara, one of the cleanest hill stations in the country. 

As someone who got the chance to visit this place during the winters, I’d accept the opportunity again without blinking twice. Of course, who would mind some time away from the chaotic cities to refresh themselves in the lap of nature. 

Just hop onto a public bus or book a private vehicle from the city of Amravati or Akola and you should be there in about 4-5 hours.

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Just like any other hill station, the area is full of lush green mountains and many waterfalls, which makes it a destination worthy of visiting for your next picnic.

Then you see the windmills – that’s when you realize this is not just another hill station but something very unique at the heart of the hilly terrain. 


Of course the anxiety to find out why there were windmills here out of nowhere grew inside and soon I found the answer. 

Upon inspection and after finding a sub-station, it clicked. The windmills were part of an initiative by Suzlon Energy. 

Using green technologies, these windmills become a source of clean energy for the locals. Apart from that, they help in environment preservation at one of the cleanest hill stations of the country. 


Apart from the windmills, the fort of Gawilgad – built in 1803 by the Marathas – is another attraction that lures people to visit the ruins, which feel emphatic considering the entire walled-structure is covered with grass and completely taken over by Mother Nature. 

The fort situated at the very edge of the hill can be a thrilling place to visit for people of all ages.


 Melghat Tiger Reserve is the other vivid attraction, which covers a big chunk of the hill station. 

Situated on southern offshoot of the Satpura Hill, the Tiger reserve is one of India’s most vital tiger habitats. 

According to the latest reports, the number of tigers in this reserve has increased to 22, which is great as per the country’s average. 


Interestingly, the place is not just about the windmills, forts and the tigers but holds more for those who love the Mahabharata. 

According to the Mahabharata – Kichak the commander-in-chief of the Matsya kingdom – was killed by Bheema (son of Pandu) after the former harassed Draupadi, the Pandavas’ wife. 

This event in Mahabharata is said to have taken place at the palace of King Virat situated on top of the hills around the Satpura hills. 

The hills are famous because it is said, Bheema, vowing revenge, killed Kichak with his bare hands then threw him into the valley. 


Being a history buff and someone interested in mythology, Chikhaldara was not just another hill station that relaxed my senses but is a place that gave me a myriad of experiences that can be cherished for a long-long time. 

The hills, the calming effect of the breeze and all the greenery around just consumes your sight and senses in a fraction of minutes but that stays within for years. 

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As one of the most underrated yet magical places in Maharashtra, the serenity of Chikhaldara, Vidarbha’s only hill station, awaits your arrival. And you must go!