When you live in a country as vast as India, it is unimaginable to cover the entire country, from corner to corner. In contrast, Europe has countries that are as large as some of our states and less populated. By that scale, our country should have been a continent by itself. 

There are countries like the Vatican City, the smallest in the world, covering which in a day would be a child’s play. Here are a few more countries that one could visit and cover in a single day. 

11. Isle of Man, Irish Sea

This island hosts the motorcycle racing world championship and even a Grand Prix

The capital of Isle of Man is called Douglas. This self-governing Crown dependency has an area of 572 sq km and redirects to the British Government for security purposes. It is almost as if this island is challenging everyone to not take it seriously. But you’d be wrong to think that. The badass side of this island, is brought about annually in its international motorcycling event. 

Home to 84,000 people, known as Manx, Isle of Man, located between Great Britain and Ireland can be reached from mainland UK via flight or speed-ferry. Spend the day here visiting historical Viking sites, browsing through special-edition postage stamps that the island is known for and dining on scallops. If you are here during racing season, then you will be in for a treat. 


10. Andorra, Southwestern Europe

Not only is Andorra a tax haven, it is quite the ski heaven too

The landlocked microstate of Principality of Andorra has a total area of 468 sq km. Experience the Spanish culture here but in a location resembling the Swiss Alps. Landlocked between Spain and France, this small country with a population of 76,000 is located just 3 hr away from Barcelona. 

While you are marveling the beauty of the snow-caped mountains and the valley of cherry blossoms, do not miss out on their world-class spas. 

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9. Grenada, Caribbean Sea

World’s largest producer of nutmeg and mace crops, this island is also known as The Island of Spice

Grenada (not to be confused with Granada) has a total area of 344 sq km. Located on the northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, this island country was a former French and then British colony. The influence of the French is still evident in their culture and food. 

Spend the day here gorging on their delicious and slightly spicy food, buy some spices and listen to some of their entertaining folk tales, that have made way till Grenada from Africa. If you are here during the time of their annual carnival, then do not miss out on funky yet soulful reggae and calypso. 


8. Malta, Mediterranean Sea

Malta is known for its healthcare, making it a popular medical tourism destination 

With an area of 316 sq km and a population of 4,50,000, Malta is one of the most densely populated countries of the world. Due to its strategic location, this island country has seen a lot of change in power, each leaving its mark in the culture and heritage of the country. 

With a history as rich as this, visitors will be spoilt for choice on how to spend the day here. Historical and architectural monuments along with recreational ares are in abundance here. You could start your day by visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the Megalithic Temples. As for food, imagine a cuisine with strong Sicilian, British and Spanish influences; you can’t miss it. 

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7. St Kitts and Nevis, West Indies

Go there for a diving adventure and to encounter the country’s unique marine life  

The British Monarch is the head of this two-island country. With a total area of 261 sq km, these two islands were the first in the Caribbean to be occupied by the European settlers and hence has been named as The Mother Colony of the West Indies.

No one shies away from a Caribbean experience! Come here during one of its numerous music festival and enjoy some quality salsa, jazz, calypso, steelpan along with parades and street dances. When you find some time from your musical journey, go diving and enjoy the country’s unique marine life. 

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6. Liechtenstein, Central Europe

Covering this 16-mile long country on foot must be on every hiker’s bucket list 

Landlocked by Switzerland and Austria, Principality of Liechtenstein is a German-speaking microstate. This country is a heaven for winter sports. 

Liechtenstein is straight out of a fairy tale. This country with a total area of 160 sq km is ruled by a royal family, who like in every fairy tale live in a castle on a mountain. The castle overlooks the capital of Vaduz. The very-cool royal family even invites its citizen for a beer every summer.

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5. San Marino, Italian Peninsula

This enclaved microstate claims to be the oldest sovereign and constitutional republic in the world

With an area of just 61 sq km, San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world. It is also the only country with more vehicles than people. 

Overlooked by the Apennine mountain range, San Marino was carved out of the Roman Empire. The highest point of the country composed of hilly terrain with no flat ground is Monte Titano which also has the fortress of Guaita. Do not miss the state’s unique stamp on your passport.

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4. Macau, China

This country is known as the world’s gambling centre

Macau was rented to the Portuguese as a trading port and was transferred back to China in 1999. While Macau has its own legal system, its defense is maintained by China. This country with an area of only 30 sq km is one of the richest in the world.

Although you might not have much time left after a day of revelry in a casino, giving the historic downtown of the country a miss would be a crime! Downtown Macau is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Macanese cuisine is a must as it is a perfect blend of rich Cantonese and Portuguese flavours. 

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3. Gibraltar, Spain

The main attraction of Gibraltar is its topography

This country is more or less recognised because of its rock. The Rock of Gibraltar dominates over this country with an area of 6.8 sq km.

At the foot of this rock lies the very densely-populated settlement. Gibraltar is a popular tourist spot, as evinced by the non-stop flights from London. You could take a cable car to the top of the rock. Be aware of the Barbary macaque apes found in abundance at the top. 

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2. Monaco, Western Europe

Go there during the Formula 1 Grand Pix races

Monaco might only have an area of 2 sq km but it is one hell of a place! It is the second smallest country in the world and the most densely populated. 

Monaco has been made immortal in pop culture thanks to James Bond and Grace Kelly. People rush in here during the Grand Pix season. Surrounded by water, the harbour of this country is always brimming with yachts and ferries. Find some time to visit its world-class casinos. 


1. Vatican City, Italy

This enclaved country is located within the city of Rome

Ruled by the Bishop of Rome or the Pope, this country has a population of 842 and an area of 0.44 sq km. 

This is more of once-in-a-lifetime visit. When here go to the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica, look at the marvelous dome by Micheangelo, take a round of the Vatican Gardens and the Vatican Museums. 

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