Is witchcraft real? The host of fantasy pop culture has had us all asking this question on plenty of occasions. But every now and then comes along a story that seems to give us an actual answer to it. One such story, as told by True Viral News, belongs all the way in the heart of Spain.

Trasmoz, the quaint village of witches they say, has long been cursed with a spell so powerful that only the Pope can lift it.

True Viral News

Resting quietly among the Moncayo mountains of Spain, this village has a population of 62 people – that has dwindled over the years from tens of thousands, and is known across the lands as the town of witchcraft.

Its history recalls a story about witchcraft being used as a ruse. It served as a cover for the scraping and hammering that was caused when the residents of the village’s castle used to forge fake coins during the 13th century.


However, before you know it, Trasmoz was forever associated with witchcraft. This, in turn, actually gave rise to a culture of witchcraft among the people of the village across the generations.

Their existence as well as the fact that the royal decree allowed them not to pay taxes to the Catholic church of Veruela undermined the church’s authority. In order to punish them, archbishop of Tarazona excommunicated the village and cast a curse over the village in 1511 by chanting psalm 108 of the Book of Psalms – the most powerful tool the Church possesses to pronounce a curse.


Trasmoz suffered years of disintegration, the castle was burned down and most of the people abandoned their homes. However, against all odds, the tradition of witchcraft still lives on in the Spanish village.

Every June, during the Feria de Brujeria festival, a market sells lotions and potions made from the healing and hallucinogenic herbs and plants that grow in the surrounding Moncayo mountains. Actors re-enact historical scenes, such as the rounding up and torture of presumed witches.


The heritage of this town is as mystifying as it is fascinating. It almost gives one the feeling that maybe magic exists – as long as you believe in it.

Feature source: True Viral News