Whether it’s a mega skyscraper or an innovative hotel, Dubai’s building projects are known to go over the top with grandiose style and royal design. And this year, a construction enterprise has conceptualised a one-of-a-kind housing and apartment complex project to be built in Dubai, that will knock your socks off. 

If you’ve ever been out at sea and wondered if you could just vanish into the expanse, that dream might not be too far away now.

The Floating Seahorse will build homes on water.

Essentially an apartment which is just like a boat, the villa is designed to have three levels. One of which, will be underwater for the marine life experience that you can enjoy while you’re about to take a nap.

The whole apartment complex will consist of 42 villas.

Each villa consists of 1,700 sq ft of floor area, with the upper level housing a jacuzzi, a shower, a semi-private kitchenette and a mini-bar. The middle level will showcase a spacious living area, with a kitchen and a dining area. The lowest level (under the water level) houses the master bedroom and bathroom.

Each level will have floor-to-ceiling windows.

It’s like having your own aquarium where you can chill and look at sea turtles drifting around while you take a casual hot tub bath. The villas are luxurious when it comes to amenities, fixtures and furnishing. Not to mention the fact that it’s floating around at sea. The apartment complex plans to make its debut showcasing by the end of 2016. 

Oh man, I’d like one of these.

Masthead Source: imgur.com | Feature Image Source: thefloatingseahorse.com