After being jilted by her fiance just a month before a much-awaited wedding, Katy Colins chose to not turn it into a tragedy and turn it into relearning, and rediscovering herself again. After all, in the end, we end up regretting the chances we failed to risk taking. 

“Getting dumped ain’t pretty and even worse is being a jilted bride a month before the big day.”

“People tell you it’s going to be ok, that you’ll get over it but at the time these are just meaningless words, clichés rolled out to fill the awkward silences. To really truly heal it is only down to YOU to make this happen.”

A very few people can turn situations to their advantage. Katy belongs to that club. She not only lived up to her words, she did so with the perfect zest. 

After quitting her job, selling off her house, car, and everything she owned, she decided to turn her wedding story into that of a backpacking bride’s story!

She got herself a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia – a decision that was the turning point in her life. Katy has learned not to look back ever since. 

Remember the movie Queen? How Rani found herself through the different places she went to, the different people she came across, the different situations she put herself through? Katy is a living example of that story in a way. 

“Since then I’ve reached 30 countries before 30, moved to France and have signed a 3 book deal with an imprint of Harper Collins for my Lonely Hearts Travel Club series. If you’d have said any of this would have been possible three years ago I’d have NEVER believed you.”

“If you’ve solo traveled after a breakup like I did then there will be times when you’re completely alone. Not often, but a few.

This is the time to be working things out in your head, to shamelessly let yourself cry and think about what you want to do when you get home. It’s healthy to deal with these emotions rather than bottle them up, or risk losing the new friends you’ve made by going all wailing banshee on their ass.”

She started her blog Not Dead Or Wed and started chronicling her soul-searching travel stories in it. She reveals her beautiful stories in the comfortable space she made for herself in the internet. Her blog won Cosmpolitan’s Best Travel Blog award for 2015. She has her first of three books published too. 

“I used this as a time to go and travel. To get lost in a foreign exotic country hoping that I’d find myself again. Not the old self, not the girl that I was but a new, confident, takes no shit kinda girl. One that’s ready to find love again in the future, but on my terms. Travel did this to me.”