Ordering food on flights gets me thinking about all the unnecessary spending. It’s like one of those nights where I’m revisiting all the bad decisions. Because, the only thing that comes to our mind when we browse through the in-flight menu is – kuchh bhi? 


And, this Twitter thread about expensive food on flights is proof that a lot of people know the feeling. It all started when digital creator, Pulkit Kochar shared an image of the menu from his flight, where the cost of a Vada Pav was ₹250. Of course, desis joined in. 

The entire experience of buying food in a plane is a dilemma in itself. We are hungry but we do not want to spend unjustifiably, and then there’s the added pressure of saying ‘no’. People couldn’t help but vent about this.

Some were even offended by how the vada pav looked and the fact that they spelled it ‘vada pao’. Because, feel bhi toh aani chahiye dekh ke.

There were others who had a good laugh about it. And, why not?

This vada pav got us appreciating ghar ka khaana more.