It is in human nature to fall in love with places that offer peace and solitude. It is that search for the perfect nondescript town or village that has forever captured the imagination of travellers afflicted with wanderlust. 

With the right mix of planning and time, you can visit one of these absolutely gorgeous, fairy tale-like villages from across the world. 

1. Bibury, UK

2. Hallstatt, Austria

3. Manarola, Italy

4. Gokayama, Japan

5. Gasadalur, Faroe Islands

6. Rothenburg, Germany

7. Hamnoy, Norway

8. Abandoned fishing village in Shengsi, China

9. Oia, Greece

10. Bled, Slovenia

12. Monemvasia, Greece

13. Eguisheim, France

14. Goreme, Turkey

15. Fenghuang County, China

Turns out there is a trail for peace after all.