India boasts of quite a diverse range of terrains, and various hill and mountain ranges are part of the things we are proud of. Not just relief from hot cities during summers, the mountains also offer those with the sporty streak to indulge in some adventure sports and trekking. 

But before you start planning your next mountain vacation, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to trekking. 

1. Take the right clothes.

Clothes for trekking are designed to be waterproof, light, and wind-resistant. The clothes you take with you should be breathable, easily layered, and comfortable.


2. Don’t pack extra stuff. 

This is that one bag you will be lugging all the way up to the mountains through treacherous ways. Make sure you only take what is needed and not pack extra stuff. 


3. Half the things you will pack will probably be available where you are going.

Do your research well, don’t spend money on expensive trekking gear, tents, and everything. Chances are you can rent half the things right from the base camp. 


4. Prepare for colder weather

It can get pretty cold up a mountain, so make sure you have warm clothing items in your backpack. Oh, and don’t forget to take a set of sleeping clothes. 


5. Sun-protection is essential. 

On my maiden trek, I made a big goof up of not taking sunglasses or a sunscreen along with me. I came back home with a face that was totally sunburnt. The sun can be pretty rough up on the mountains. 


6. Here’s what to take essentially. 

A small backpack, warm clothes, a jacket, trek pants, hiking shoes, torch, socks, towel, reusable water bottle, snacks, soaps, hand sanitizer, basic medicines, and a power bank. Make sure your bag is sturdy.


7. Don’t trek at night or after dark. 

This is only too obvious but I am going to put it out there anyway. Research well into the duration of the trek on an average and time yourself accordingly. 


8. Keep. Drinking. Water. 

Your body needs constant hydration as you are climbing up. Don’t neglect your thirst and make sure you have enough supply of water. 


9. Also, take breaks during the trek. 

Don’t try to be a daredevil and overachieve. Exerting your body will do nothing good. If you tire out, take a break and then go back at it again.


10. Don’t trek under the influence of alcohol or drugs…

…unless you want to be Jack and tumble down the mountain. 


11. Always respect other trekkers. 

They are on the same journey as you. Look out for each other if anything.


12. Do NOT trek solo. 

You can get sick, you can get a snake bite or a frostbite, or injured, or robbed, or ever killed! Therefore, you should trek with a company. 


13. Be careful of what you eat. 

You don’t want to fall sick, nor do you want an allergy, and you definitely do not want to overeat. Carry snacks with high carb and high energy content for the trek and make sure you eat before you start the trek. 


14. Keep on the beaten path.

If you are trekking for the first time, try and stick to the beaten path. And if you ever get confused about where you are or where to go, retrace your steps, and wait for someone to show up. 

15. Keep the mountains clean. 



Savdhaan raho, surakshit raho.