To the northwest of the Hungarian capital of Budapest lies the village of Bokod in Komárom-Esztergom county. It’s an enchanting, fairy tale-like commune dubbed the ‘floating village’, thanks in most part to the fact that it’s made up mostly of holiday huts on stilts sitting pretty on the local lake. The place has been gaining in popularity recently, and with good reason. Pictures of the neighbourhood paint a mystical, almost dream-like picture of skeletal walkways creeping over misty waters leading to cabins with a certain chilling beauty.

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Thanks to the heat from a nearby power plant, the lake doesn’t freeze, even in winter.

The nature of the water makes it suitable for fishing the year round, and the place has even been termed a fishing paradise.

The village, which lies near the industrial town of Oroszlány, has a population of around 2000 people.

Thanks to the recent spotlight on this unique village, celebrities have started not just visiting, but making videos, films and songs based on the place. It is, after all, quite something to look at.

Picture Source: Bored Panda