Travelling can be a scary experience if you’re new to it, especially internationally. There are many things to consider, from how the country perceives people from India to how friendly they are and what most people’s behaviour is like. These are some very important factors to consider for safety. The good people of Reddit have shared their experiences of travelling abroad and which country was friendliest. Have a look!

Take a look:

1. “The Philippines. I dated a girl from there and I went to Manila and travelled with her. I just love Filipino people, outside or inside the Philippines. They radiate such good vibes, they’re always singing and dancing and so happy, and they have a very strong sense of family and community. They also really like Indian people and our culture. They speak English there too so it was very easy to speak to them. “


2. “For me hands down the Netherlands.”


3. “I went to Ireland for 6 months on an internship. In Ireland, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet. The warmth and friendliness of the Irish people are unparalleled, making every visitor feel like part of the family. Pull up a chair, and you’ll find that the Irish love to share stories and laughter. Their humor is as rich as their culture, creating an atmosphere that feels like a warm embrace. As breathtaking as the landscapes are, the beauty of Ireland is equally reflected in the kindness of its people.”


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4. “Came to Australia recently for studies and I kid you not, the people here are the absolute best, so helpful and playful, honestly it’s totally opposite of what I thought (racism and shit).”


5. “Indonesia. Lovely people.”


6. “New Zealand! Absolutely wonderful people and just so sweet and friendly all the time. Everyone extra polite, really chilled out. It’s the only country where every single person I met on the trip- hotel receptionists, restaurant waiters, tour guides, ordinary citizens- I literally wanted to take all of them for a drink and just say thank you for being so nice!”


7. “Japan! The Japanese can be so courteous at times, you feel like an absolute baboon.”


8. “Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Without a doubt.”


9. “Vietnam. Taiwan. Georgia, Armenia, Denmark, Netherlands, and Chile.”


10. “Bhutan.”


11. “Brazil.”


Now go do as you please with this list, hope you travel loads and fulfil all your wanderlust dreams.