Some countries have certain restrictions and some countries function differently than the others and that’s exactly what Evangeline Neo, an Instagrammer tries to show us with his comic strips. 

Evangeline studied in Tokyo from 2010 to 2014 and during his stay, he noticed some cultural differences between Japan and his own country so, he decided to educate us with a twist. So, we have compiled his illustrations that show how Japan, as a country is different from other countries. 

1. Unlike other countries, Japan has installed vending machines almost everywhere, even in places where life-forms cease to exist.

2. Slurping noodles in Japan is actually considered a compliment towards the chef so, you should do the same if you’ve had a tasty meal.

3. Just so you know, fruits like melons and grapes are insanely priced in Japan.

4. Here is an illustration of what most Japanese people excel at doing. (Click here to see the seventh wonder.)

5. Toilets in Japan are insanely clean and well-maintained. Washrooms are also equipped with toilet paper.

6. Yeah, the Japanese ditch the usual ham and turkey and choose to celebrate Christmas with a hot bucket of KFC.

7. Here is what a day trip to Shibuya looks like.

8. Toilets in Japan vs Toilets in other countries #cleanwashrooms

9. Comiket, is a bi-annual comic market in Japan which resembles the Comic Con of the US.

10. Some buildings in Japan may look dilapidated but their toilets are still the cleanest. 

11. The people of Japan are efficient, sweet and polite with their customers.

12. The elderly in Japan are more active than the youngsters. #agenobar

13. The cyclists in Japan are considerate, cooperative, patient and thoughtful.

14. In Japan, the customers are given utmost importance and are seen as the king.

15. The customer service is really impressive in Japan.

16. A day at a salon in Japan vs A day at a salon in Singapore

17. Most rickshaw pullers in Japan are apparently quite attractive and good looking.

18. The weather is not unpredictable in Japan.

19. In a life drawing session, artists usually flip their pages when the break is announced. They don’t like showing off their work. They prefer to keep things to themselves.

20. Kids in Japan are well behaved in a public transport. They mind their own business and avoid creating unnecessary chaos. #lifeinametro

21. Your personal belongings are safe and you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on it especially, when you are in a public place in Japan.

22. Just FYI, you can’t turn off the camera shutter sound on a Japanese smartphone due to privacy and upskirt photo taking.

23. The Japanese wait patiently and give way to those who really need to use the lift. They don’t rush things. #disciplined

24. Most convenient stores in Japan have an adult magazine section that most countries don’t.

25. The Japanese people pick up their own trash and other people’s trash too while using a public facility.

26. People with tattoos are not allowed to enter a swimming pool or a bath in Japan because they are seen as gangsters.

27. Train etiquette in Japan vs Train etiquttes in Singapore #loudmusicnotallowed

28. Station master in Japan vs Station masters in other countries

29. Japanese enjoy taking hot springs baths. (Ignore the monkeys, they are there for humour.)

30. Unlike other countries, bus drivers in Japan wait patiently and greet their passengers.

31. There are designated smoking areas in Japan.

32. Surprise! Surprise! Most Japanese know how to speak in English.

33. Seems like only the Japanese know how to make the perfect sushi rice.

34. The weather in Japan is great for hiking and other adventures.

35. Kids in Japan after finishing their food vs Kids in Singapore after finishing their food

36. The Japanese introduce themselves by handing out their visiting cards with both hands to each other.

37. In some cases, the Japanese officials discuss important things among themselves and simply let the employee know about their final decision without discussing it with them.

38. The curry in Japan is sweet in taste sometimes.

39. In Japan, no take away of leftovers from restaurants and buffet is allowed.

40. The people of Japan strongly believe in recycling.

41. Office toilets in Japan have lockers to keep personal belongings. #goodidea

42. The diagonal crossing is known as Shibuya Crossing in Japan. 

43. Women are safe in Japan, even during odd hours of the day.

44. The Japanese maintain civility while getting off a train. 

45. Decoding the real meaning of “Sayonara.”

46. The process of getting your name card approved in Japan.

47. You’ll get to train your muscles in Japan because there’s a lot of stairs, not many escalators, and lifts!

48. As mentuioned earlier, Japan has more stairs than escaltors, lifts and elevators. 

49. Shinjuku Station is a place where Google maps fail and all hope to find the specific exits is lost. 

50. The Japanese companies believe in being a jack of all trades which is why, they don’t let their employees specialize in one particular skill. 

The artists sole motive to make these comic strips is to help other foreigners understand the culture of Japan and the Japanese people better. 

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