Google maps is the most reliable app used by us almost daily. While most of the time it is accurate, there are times when it can take you for a ride. 

That’s exactly what happened to an Australian, Bruce, who thought of following the directions shown on Google maps to reduce his commute time by 15 minutes, and ended up going on a 2-hour long road trip.

He shared the pictures of the entire journey on Imgur.

Bruce was going to meet his mates for a camping scene when Google maps suggested he take a shorter route. Who would say ‘no’ if it meant saving time?

The road that Google maps took him down was one that hadn’t been travelled for a while. By the time he realised that taking the route might not be the right idea, it was too late for him to turn around.

“I realised I might have bitten off more than I could chew due to the fact there was very limited space to turn around…. so I kept going anyway. I had about ~1000 km of diesel (~550 miles) left, a tent, a CB UHF radio and enough water and beer to survive a night. Cell access is available from the top of some hills.”

Through the rugged terrain, he reached the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia.

“About 500 m road leading down a mountain…. These drops are each heavily rutted. No problems. But I did realise that after this it could be troublesome going back… so onwards!”

He kept on following the route till he came across some beautiful rainforests.    

Here are some pictures he clicked while passing through the scenic forests.

He did make it to his campsite after 2 hours of an adventurous journey he had not intended. All thanks to Google maps.